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“Show some compassion, put the care back into home care”: National Seniors Australia

Perth LIVE listener Betty contacted the program yesterday to tell us her story about how her son was struggling to secure a carers allowance after he quit work to take care of her.

Her situation has been escalated through the Human Services department who said they would contact her. As yet, this has not happened.

Upon hearing Betty’s story yesterday National Seniors Australia Chief Advocate Ian Henschke told Oliver Peterson that there are currently 2.7 million unpaid carers in Australia. He is disappointed Centrelink has not been able to respond to this family within 24 hours.

“If she ends up having to go to an aged care home, it will cost the community far more money than it does to have a little bit of support to provide her son a means of staying there and helping his mum.

“We should be encouraging people to do this. Not discouraging.”

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