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Entertainment with Peter Ford

Peter Ford has all the latest and breaking entertainment news daily on 6PR Breakfast. On Monday, Peter told us a porn star accused Shane Warne of hitting her, the Police investigated but released Warney with no charge.   Here’s my statement to false allegations ! — Shane Warne (@ShaneWarne) September 24, 2017

42 mins ago / 08:43
Talking Sport with Kim Hagdorn

Kim Hagdorn joins Steve and Baz weekdays at 7.55am for all the latest sports news you need to know. On Monday, Haggers gave us the most likely outcome from the MRP on the Trent Cotchin decision and whether or not he will play in the Grand Final.

52 mins ago / 04:46
The man behind that “Yes” text

Thousands of Aussies received a text over the weekend urging mobile phone users to Vote Yes in the national postal vote for same-sex marriage. Many expressed their outrage on social media with some recipients saying the Yes Vote bullying has encouraged them to change their vote to a “no”. The Director of Australians for Equality […]

52 mins ago / 07:23
Enda Brady Breakfast UK Report 

Enda Brady is 6PR Breakfast’s UK correspondent bringing us the news from the day in the UK. On Monday, Enda told us about the young mum who is fighting for her life after a hit and run, and some NFL players took their protest against the American President to the UK.  

2 hours ago / 02:05
Bob Tarlau Breakfast US Report

Bob Tarlau gives a detailed account of the news of the day in the United States of America every weekday morning. On Monday, Bob told us US President Donald Trump set off a Twitter war saying NBA stars Steph Curry and Lebron James aren’t welcome at the White House; top athletes in pro-football and basketball […]

2 hours ago / 03:11
Madame de Pompadour and the King’s Mistresses

Harry Schmitz from Elizabeths Bookshops talks about the very naughty tale of Madame de Pompadour and the King’s Mistresses in this segment with Harvey Deegan on Remember When. 24th September 2017

10 hours ago / 21:13
The story of Mary Raine

This year is the 60th Anniversary of the Raine Medical Research Foundation.   The woman who created the Raine Foundation had a remarkable life, with a humble beginning which gave no hint of her later wealth and generosity.   It’s a remarkable story of a determined woman who left a legacy for the betterment of others. […]

10 hours ago / 15:19
The first Australian aviator to receive the Victoria Cross

Military Historian Jay Walsh talks about the life of Air Vice Marshall Francis Hubert McNamara.  On the 20th March 1917 Frank rescued a fellow pilot who had been forced down behind enemy lines.  For this courageous effort Frank was the first Australian aviator to be awarded the Victoria Cross. Image courtesy of the Australian War […]

11 hours ago / 09:25
Music of My Life – Trevor Jenkins – September 24th, 2017.

Peter Newman is joined by Trevor Jenkins in the studio for this week’s “Music of My Life” segment. Join Peter and Trevor as they take a walk down memory lane and even let loose with a phantom call of the Melbourne Cup.

20 hours ago / 38:15
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