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WA’s strata laws are changing to be clearer and fairer

WA’s strata laws are changing. These are the most significant reforms to strata legislation in over 20 years.

Starting next week, a public consultation period will open where members of the community are invited to view and comment on the proposed regulations.

Landgate Chief Executive Graeme Gammie joined Oliver Peterson to explain the high level changes will include the following:

  • Better information for people buying into strata, to support property comparisons and more informed decision making on the ‘health’ of that strata scheme.
  • A more efficient, lower-cost process for strata dispute resolutions
  • Improvements to how strata schemes are managed – eg. making it easier for owners to upgrade common property, enforce by-laws through the State Administrative Tribunal and improve ongoing maintenance of schemes.
  • For the first time in Western Australia strata managers will receive a legislated framework of responsibilities to guide them in your role.

WA’s strata laws are changing, visit for more information or to register for an information session.

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