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The EPA Wants Big Business To Pay For Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) wants all new large projects in WA to pay to offset their carbon emissions by planting trees or buying carbon credits. They have laid the blame at the feet of the Federal Government, saying it has failed to act on climate change.

The Environmental Factor Guidance – Greenhouse Gas Emissions and EPA Technical Guidance – Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions was released today in the hope it will provide greater certainty in the face of climate change.

This could affect projects that emit more than 100 000 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

John Curtin Distinguished Professor from the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, Peter Newman spoke to Oliver Peterson today about what the guidelines mean for WA.

Following on from this WA Shadow Environment Minister Dr Steve Thomas joined Oliver, where he said these guidelines would be disastrous for the future economic development of this state.


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