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Should You Fence Your Portable Pool?

The State Government and Royal Life Saving Society – Australia have launched a national campaign to warn consumers about the dangers of portable pools this summer.

Today Oliver Peterson spoke to WA Commerce Minister Bill Johnston about the campaign.

“It’s crucial that consumers comply with the legal requirements to fence portable pools that are deeper than 30cm, otherwise they risk a fine of up to $5,000.”

The Don’t Duck Out, Make It SAFE initiative includes four key safety messages for parents:
Supervise. Actively watch children within arm’s reach. Don’t leave children in charge.
Act. Learn CPR – know to start compressions and breaths as soon as possible when a child is pulled from the water and to call triple zero (000) for help.
Fence. In WA and most parts of Australia, pools with more than 30cm of water in, are legally required to have a compliant safety barrier. Check with your local council.
Empty. For pools that don’t need to be fenced, keep watch all day, then pour out the water and store away from children, in a place where it can’t refill with rain or sprinkler water.


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