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Cancer Council criticises some of Perth’s major venues for lacking shade

Scarborough Beach Pool and Optus Stadium have been revealed as the worst venues for shade in Perth.

A survey being conducted by Cancer Council WA has highlighted some of the best and worst facilities for shade with architects, urban planners, engineers, local government and developers being urged to think more carefully about the benefits of including shade in their public infrastructure designs.

Cancer Council WA’s SunSmart Manager, Mark Strickland, says shade should be mandatory in all new venues. But there’s no legislation that governs the development of shade in public places in WA.

“We’ve been pretty surprised to find there’s actually no overarching legislation that governs the development of shade  in public places in WA. So it’s falling off the radar because it’s not required by policy.

“It then becomes easy to get knocked out of the way”

Mr Strickland said survey respondents were strongly of the view that they would use facilities more often and for longer if better shade was provided.

Worst for shade
1. Scarborough Beach Pool
2. Optus Stadium
3. One71 Pump Track – Baldivis
4. Oats Street Train Station

Best for shade
1. Russell Brown Park – Mosman Park
2. Tomato Lake Playground – Kewdale
3. Armadale Fitness and Aquatic Centre
4. Jo Wheatley All Abilities Play Space – Dalkeith


Cancer Council WA is encouraging people to have their say on good and bad examples of shade in their community. To participate in the survey visit:


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