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Beauty industry “pushed to one side”

Sunday saw Premier Mark McGowan unveil WA’s four phase plan to easing COVID-19 restrictions. Under the plan “beauty therapy and personal care services” will be allowed to reopen under phase 3, which is predicted to be four weeks after May 18.

Mia Brankov from Bramis Facial Rejuvenation Clinic joined Perth LIVE where she told Oliver Peterson they were left “dumbfounded” by the State Government’s recent easing of restrictions.

“We’ve been left hurt, ignored and confused by the situation,” said Ms Brankov.

“Even outside of the pandemic we have to follow very stringent infection control guidelines.”

With hair dressers, pubs and gym classes allowed to open, Ms Brankov said she can’t see the logic.

“To try and argue that our small business is any less prepared than a gym, a hair salon or a pub for that matter, [to argue] that we’re any less prepared to look after the public safely in reopening; it’s just beyond logic for us.”


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