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Most events to go ahead… but there’s a catch

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Events industry representatives met with WA Health Department officials today to discuss new requirements around “high-risk COVID events.”

Of the 161 COVID event plan applications, 157 are approved. This means four events are too high risk to go ahead at this stage.

Prominent Perth promoter John Zaccaria from Zaccaria Concerts and Touring told Oliver Peterson it was a “very positive meeting”

“The number one concern is mosh pits and having 10,000 or 15,000 people in front of a stage.

“We’ve got a job at hand to see how we can disperse the crowd.

“But the meeting definitely had a positive tone.”

Mr Zaccaria confirms it’s not a ban on a events. “We’re paying attention to the dance floor or mosh pit at these younger style events,” he said.

“It’s not a no-go, it’ll just be a different format.”

WA Health is concerned about “super spreader events” where tens of thousands of people are crowded in front of a stage.

“We know we won’t get approval for a single stage with 10,000 people in front of it,” said Mr Zaccaria.

“Now we understand that, we’ll call on our experience and look to ideas around the world so we can deliver these events for the people of Perth.”

Listen to the full interview with John Zaccaria: