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Former Docker makes Coronavirus music

A song turned up in the Rumour File on Wednesday morning from the “Critical Singer” saying we may all know the voice behind the rejigged Britney Spears track.

The words to a Britney Spears classic, Baby One More Time, were changed to create a song with a message about the Coronavirus crisis.

Steve and Baz made the listeners take their guesses before it was revealed the talented singer and writer is former Fremantle Docker, Luke McPharlin.

“It’s a combination of all things, but largely a product of being stuck in a house with my kids for the last few days and we had to entertain ourselves,” McPharlin told 6PR Breakfast.

McPharlin is also a pharmacist at the hospital in Broome and says it’s been very quiet in the tourist town.

Click PLAY to hear the full interview (and the guesses beforehand).

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