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COVID-19 outbreak in WA – “short, sharp lockdown is the way to go”

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The WA branch of the Australian Medical Association says the South Australian model of harsh lockdown is the right approach.

South Australians are being ordered to stay home for the next six days as the state fights to prevent a full blown second wave of Covid-19.  All schools, universities, takeaway restaurants, cafes and food courts are closing, exercise is not permitted outside the home and masks will be mandatory. Residents will only be allowed to leave their home if they’re an essential worker, or to make one trip to a supermarket. FIFO work and regional travel will also be banned.

AMA WA President Dr Andrew Miller told Oliver Peterson if an outbreak happens here, we don’t want a long painful lockdown like seen in Victoria

“You want a short sharp one.

“We’re also good at border control, we’re not so good at tracking and tracing.”

Dr Miller said despite the State Government believing WA is ready for an outbreak, frontline medical workers see it differently.

“We’ve got some difference of opinion.

“We’d like to be better prepared than we are but I think the overall strategy of keeping the virus out, having a hair trigger on the border and having a short, sharp lockdown if we need one is the way to go.”

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