Damage to two of the states prisons in 24 hours has raised questions of escalating violence in prisons.

Damage to two of the states prisons in 24 hours has raised questions of escalating violence in prisons.

Banksia Hill damaged

It appears to be a case of 'another day, another problem' for the beleaguered Department of Corrective services. Following on from Thursday's mini riot at Albany Regional Prison it has been revealed that the Banksia Hill Detention Centre has had cells damaged by inmates.

Any drug you want in prison

A former inmate has exposed the ease at which drugs can be obtained inside WA's prisons. A former inmate from WA's prison system says that he could get his hands on any drug he wanted while inside prison and the trade of drugs for tobacco and sex is huge. Gary Adshead spoke to 'Simon' about the ease at which drugs can be obtained.

Where for art thou CCC?

The Police Commissioner says the investigation of the WA prison system is a job for the CCC. The Police Commissioner has accused the Corruption and Crime Commission of going missing in action in regard to the investigating 'significant' corruption in the WA prison system. Gary Adshead spoke to Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan.

Prisons awash with Drugs

WA jails have been targeted by drug dealers who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in deals. An under cover police operation, code named Ulysses, has uncovered drug dealers have been targeting WA jails and using TAB accounts to launder money. Gary Adshead who broke the story spoke to the Correctional Services Minister Joe Francis.

Mongrels bash 15yr old dog

Sheber, 15yo dog brutally bashed by burglars in Camillo yesterday, had to be put down. A Camillo family is shattered today after having to make the heart breaking decision to put down their family pet that was bashed by burglars yesterday. Gary Adshead spoke to Sally who discovered 15 year old Sheber with two broken legs and in immense pain.

Albo admits Labor's mistakes

Anthony Albanese joined Gary Adshead to talk up Labor ahead of the April 5 Senate election re-run. The Federal Opposition spokesperson on Infrastructure and Transport has admitted Labor made some serious mistakes in policy ahead of the last election. Talking to Gary Adshead, Anthony Albanese said the change to single mother allowance hurt them.

WA won't be disappointed

Does the PM really care about WA or is he sweetening the pot before the Senate election re-run? This is the promise Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made to voters in the west ahead of the April 5 Senate election and his government's first federal budget. Gary Adshead spoke to Mr Abbott who wouldn't be drawn on rumored budget cuts to social housing funding.

Carparks full by 5.40am

Commuters seem to be getting up earlier and earlier to secure parking at Perth train stations. If you're feeling frustrated trying to snare a park along Perth's train lines then a survey from the Department of Transport isn't going to help your frustrations. The results of a March survey has shown that some stations are full by 5.40am. Click here to see how your area stacks up.

Is this Buswell's last straw?

The ministerial car damaged by Treasurer Troy Buswell on Feb 22nd. Photo: Channel 9 Speculation is rife Troy Buswell will be sacked from cabinet today following revelations he was allegedly involved in car accident while under the influence of alcohol. Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas spoke to Channel 7's Geof Parry who broke the story.

Buswell resigns from Cabinet

The Premier has confirmed Troy Buswell has suffered a breakdown and resigned from cabinet. The Premier has confirmed he has accepted the resignation of Treasurer Troy Buswell and revealed that Mr Buswell has suffered a breakdown and is currently undergoing medical treatment. Mr Barnett addressed a press conference earlier today.

Is a 10 year ban enough?

Animal cruelty Caution images in this story may cause distress. A 38 year old woman has been banned from owning a pet for 10 years following a successful prosecution by the RSPCA of one of the worst animal cruelty cases they have seen. click here to view image.

We risk becoming a 3rd world

Toyota's announcement they will leave our shores by 2017 could spell the end of our current standard of living. The departure of the last car major car manufacturer in Australia should serve as a wake up call according to one manufacturing expert as we run the risk of becoming a primary product producing third world country. Gary Adshead spoke to Professor Goran Roos, Chair of Advanced Manufacturing.

Escapee was always flight risk

Prison escapee Bernd Neumann seems to have a face that only Corrective Services could trust. Authorities shouldn't have be too surprised by the escape of convicted drug trafficker Bernd Neumann. Documents obtained by 6PR show he skipped bail on several occasion before being arrested in Burswood in 2010. Gary Adshead asks where is the common sense in Corrective Services.

The Corby Circus rolls on

Yibbida Yibbida, that's not all folks! The Corby Circus is only just beginning. How much more can you stand? Two million dollars for a drug trafficker' s exclusive story, bizarre head wear, cranky mothers and a Twitter fixation on her sister teeth are the stand out moments of Schapelle Corby's release from a Bali prison. To recognise the insanity that has engulfed the Corby Circus the Morning program has created this tribute.

Joyce must go: Xenophon

Independent Senator Nick Xenophone is calling for QANTAS CEO Alan Joyce and the board to be sacked. Independent Senator Nick Xenophon says that before any decision on opening QANTAS to foreign investment CEO Alan Joyce must resign. Gary Adshead spoke to Mr Xenophon who is also calling for a judicial inquiry into the financial management of Qantas.

Off duty but always ready

A Bassendean couple owe their lives to the quick thinking of two off duty firefighters. The quick actions of two off-duty firefighters, on their way home from fighting bushfires in Perth's southern suburbs, have saved a husband and wife from a burning house in Bassendean. Gary Adshead spoke to one of the firefighters, Mario Tepass, about the rescue.

"Parents don't know, don't care"

Children as young as seven are being caught involved in anti-social behavior by police. WA's Police Commissioner says now is the time to act to protect young children from neglectful parents. Gary Adshead spoke to Karl O'Callaghan about the realities of children as young a seven being involved in drug fuelled brawls on Perth's streets.

Stone firm on SPC defence

stone Federal Liberal member for Murray, Dr Sharman Stone, isn't backing away from her criticism of her party leader labelling him a liar after the PM said SPC processing workers were over paid. Gary Adshead spoke to Dr Stone about the comments.

Manus death 'disturbing'

One asylum seeker's been killed and 77 injured after a four hour riot erupted at the Manus Island centre overnight. The death of an asylum seeker at the Australian detention centre on Mauns Island during a riot has been labelled as disturbing by refugee advocates. Gary Adshead spoke to Marion Le who criticised the Abbott government over the second riot in five days on the PNG island.

Coffee stopped

Lindsay says he has the support of the local council. Owner of Stray Cat Coffee Lindsay Bennett has been told by Main Roads he can’t run a commercial business from a truck stop on Indian Ocean Drive despite support from truck drivers and the local community. Gary Adshead spoke with Lindsay.

Smoking ad returns

Around 270,000 West Aussies still smoke. A banned ad from the 1980s has been reintroduced to West Australian television screens in an effort to deter young smokers. Gary Adshead chatted with advertising guru John Bevin who was responsible for the first ad.

No money for SPC

The SPC Ardmona cannery. The Federal Government has denied SPC Ardmona’s request for a $25 million assistance package. Gary Adshead chatted with a disappointed Federal Member for Murray, Sharman Stone, whose constitutes work in the cannery.

Sharks mauled on drum lines

Dead sharks are being retrieved from drum lines showing signs of predation by larger sharks. Exclusive 6PR has confirmed that several sharks have been found dead with injuries sustained from larger predators while caught on the controversial drum lines situated along the coastline.

Rail v road

To halve Perth’s congestion problems around $25 billion on rail would need to be spent. A report by economic consultants Synergies has found the best way to cut congestion on Perth roads is through more public transport funding. Gary Adshead chatted with Australasian Railway Association CEO Brian Nye, the organisation who commissioned the report. Rail v road

Bull or tiger?

A tiger shark. Shark advocate Blair Ranford believes the shark caught in the drum line off the South West coast was tiger shark not a bull shark. Gary Adshead chatted with Blair and Fisheries Minister Ken Baston who has launched the Sharksmart website.

SERCO facing $450k bill

Private contracting company SERCO will be fined $200k for the escape of two prisoners last year. The cost to recapture two prisoners who escaped from a prison van at Geraldton airport will be paid for by SERCO according to WA's Corrective Services Minister. Gary Adshead spoke to Joe Francis who says he expects the private contractor to repay the cost believed to be around $400,000.

Governor General Cosgrove

Peter Cosgrove. Former defence chief Peter Cosgrove has been named as Australia’s next Governor General. Mr Cosgrove will take over the job from Quentin Bryce when her term ends in March. Gary Adshead chatted with Fairfax Radio Canberra Bureau’s Francis Keany.

Serco circus

A Serco worker has been suspended in relation to the incident. Private contractor Serco is investigating claims a prisoner was left alone in a room at Royal Perth Hospital. Listen to Gary Adshead’s take on the ongoing issue and his chat with shadow corrective services spokesman Paul Papalia.

Centre concern

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says he is concerned and unhappy with the repeated escapes from the Yongah Hills detention centre. The comments come after another four detainees escaped from the detention centre yesterday. Gary Adshead chatted with Mr Morrison.

Fonda on Mornings

Jane Fonda. Hollywood actress and activist Jane Fonda, who is currently in Australia, joined Gary Adshead on M ornings. Fonda discussed her role in the TV series The Newsroom, personal fitness and what issues she continues the fight against.

Stop one punch

Former boxing world champion Danny Green. Four-times boxing world champion Danny Green has used a self funded commercial to highlight the dangers of one punch attacks. Gary Adshead chatted with the Green Machine who says he would like the Federal Government to help fund an ongoing campaign.

Live export deaths

Federal authorities are investigating the deaths. Reports 4000 sheep may have died in extreme heat conditions after they were shipped from Fremantle to the Middle East. The incident happened five months ago but hasn't been made public. Gary Adshead chatted with Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon.

Power poles to blame

52 homes were destroyed in the Parkerville fires. An investigation by EnergySafety has found a private power pole is to blame for the Parkerville fires. Gary Adshead chatted with EnergySafety Director Ken Bowron and Stewart Campbell whose mother’s private power pole was the source of the fire.

Obesity costs set to soar

The cost to public hospitals to treat obesity health issue costs is expected to double within the next 10 years. The cost of treating obesity related health issues in public hospitals is set to double in the less than 10 years and balloon to half a billion dollars. Gary Adshead spoke to Dr Ben Scully from the WA Health Department about the cost to treat overweight people.

The clean up begins

Exhausted firefighters have brought the Parkerville fire under control. Now the clean up begins. A massive emotional and logistical clean up has started in the aftermath of the Parkerville savage blaze which destroyed 52 homes and contributed to the death of one man. Gary Adshead spoke to families effected by the blaze and Emergency Services Minister Joe Francis.

RPH lift problems

A sign that has been posted on one of the lifts. A number of lifts at Royal Perth Hospital have broken down causing delays for staff and patients. Nick Way chatted with shadow health spokesman Roger Cook and Health Minister Kim Hames who says it has nothing to do with a lack of funding.

More breath tests

Lorraine would like to see a one to one ratio of random breath tests to every licensed driver. A study has found alcohol related accidents in Western Australia could be cut by 15 a month if random breath tests were doubled. Nick Way chatted with the University of Queensland’s Professor Lorraine Mazerolle and Police Minister Liza Harvey.

Speed limits at 30km/h?

Bicycling WA would like to see more safe cycle routes. Bicycling WA would like to see speed limits on suburban WA roads reduced to as low as 30km/h in an effort to save lives and increase cycling. Nick Way spoke with Jeremey Murray who says this is only one of the proposals being put forward by the group.

Aboriginal not indigenous

Dr Isaacs says the term indigenous is a colonial description. Aboriginal elder Dr Robert Isaacs has written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott outlining his concerns over the use of the world indigenous when describing Aboriginal people. Dr Isaacs joined Nick Way in the studio.

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