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Random Acts of Kindness

This year on Mornings with Gareth Parker, we want to recognise the Random Acts of Kindness being performed everyday in our communities.

We are asking listeners to get in touch and let us know when they witness a random act of kindness.

Thanks to WA Assett – the Bathroom Renovators, each month we will pick one of the nominations to donate $1,000 to a charity of their choice.

If you see or benefit from a random act of kindness, give Gareth a call between 8.30am and Midday, or via email on

Check out some of our early nominations below;

Helen nominated her neighbour who has put her bin out and brought it back in for two years

A shopper helped lan, who is vision impaired, by reading out all the labels on tuna cans to help him choose

Paul’s son was given a spare uniform so he was dressed and ready for his first day of school! 

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