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What are Perth schools doing to prevent Coronavirus

As Perth children return to school after their holidays, schools are putting guidelines in place to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

In a statement sent to the parents of their students, Scotch College has told some kids to stay away from the school.

“If you have recently visited mainland China during the holidays, we ask that you do
not send your children to school until they have been back in Australia for at least 10

Click PLAY to hear from Scotch College Principal, Dr Alec O’Connell.

Infectious disease expert, Dr Clay Golledge, says this virus won’t be as fatal as previous bugs, because we are better prepared for diseases now.

“We know what to do now, we know how to test people, we know how to isolate them, we know how to screen, we put in biosecurity much quicker than previously,” Dr Golledge told 6PR Breakfast.

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