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Top Ten “Is is illegal” searches

Aussies are checking if they’re pushing the legal limits by turning to the internet to see if their regular actions are in fact, illegal.

A digital marketing brand, SEMrush, have gathered the top “is it illegal” searches around the world. While the Brits want to find out if they can marry their cousin, driving rules dominate Australia’s legal searches.

Here’s Australia’s Top Ten “Is it illegal” Searches: 

1.       Is it illegal to keep students after the bell? Average of 1,500 searches per month.

2.       Is it illegal to drive barefoot? Average of 699 searches per month.

3.       Is it illegal to eat while driving? Average of 515 searches per month.

4.       Is it illegal to drive in thongs?

5.       Is it illegal to drive barefoot QLD?

6.       Is it illegal to watch porn?

7.       Is it illegal to record someone without consent?

8.       Is it illegal to be high in Australia?

9.       Is it illegal to drive with headphones?

10.   Is it illegal to smoke in your car?

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