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Leap Consulting managing director, Zaun Bhana joined Harvey on the Weekender to talk all things technology. He’s been in the technology game for the past 12 years and is an expert technology strategist, consultant and speaker.

11 hours ago / 20:30

The final hour of Mornings with Gareth Parker each week is dedicated to The Final Word segment. Gareth was joined in the studio this week by 6PR’s Lisa Barnes and Channel 7 reporter Geof Parry to discuss the issues of the week and take your calls.

19/01/2018 / 28:04

New figures show property ‘flipping’ isn’t as popular as it once was in Australia, and many home-buyers are struggling to make a profit when selling in the two year window. Renovation expert Cherie Barber told Mornings with Gareth Parker, people need to ensure they educate themselves before buying a home to ‘flip’.

19/01/2018 / 12:45

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia is continuing the push against the upcoming removal of codeine-containing products from sale without prescription, just a fortnight out from the ban coming into effect. President of the NSW branch of the PSA, Peter Carroll told Mornings with Gareth Parker, there is no evidence to support the claims used to […]

19/01/2018 / 14:54

It’s been revealed the United Firefighters Union is trying to stop the Department of Fire and Emergency Services from “parachuting in” non-firefighters to leadership positions without the union’s approval. UFU State secretary Lea Anderson told Mornings with Gareth Parker they’re taking industrial action over concerns of competency of the appointments.

19/01/2018 / 11:00

Customers pay for a service that was once free while companies save money on customers using electronic billing

18/01/2018 / 15:08

Passionate Perth local, and freelance travel writer, Fleur Bainger joins Mornings with Gareth Parker in 2018, for a look at what’s happening ‘Out and About’ in our city and surrounds. This week Fleur looked at the trend away from fine dining in Perth, and some more affordable options for eating out.

18/01/2018 / 12:43

North and South Korea are beginning to find some common ground, in a sporting sense at least, by agreeing to march their athletes together under one flag at the opening ceremony of next month’s Winter Olympics. International Relations expert at RMIT University, Dr Aiden Warren told Mornings with Gareth Parker, it’s a remarkable development for […]

18/01/2018 / 05:24

Consumer confidence is up, WA’s unemployment rate has dropped, but will that translate to better wages? Mornings with Gareth Parker spoke with economist, John Nicolaou from ACIL Allen, who believes things are looking up.

18/01/2018 / 13:18
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