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The one place in Perth you can go to the flicks

Cinemas remain closed but there’s still a way to get your movie fix – the good old drive-in theatre.

Galaxy Drive-In in Kingsley is the last remaining one in Perth and they’ll be expecting to go through a bit of renaissance. Last night they re-opened for the first time under new eased restrictions and what better way to maintain social distance than by staying in your car.

Manager Kymberly Hambley joined The Weekend Catch-Up where she told Mark Gibson it was wonderful to be back.

“The resurgence is amazing,” said Ms Hambley

“There’s no where else to go where you can feel quite as safe as a drive-in.

“You’re in your own car, you’re in your space, you’re not sitting near anyone who is going to cough and splutter on you.

“It’s safe, it’s fun. It’s a family experience.”


Galaxy Drive-In – Goollelal Drive, Kingsley

Photo Credit – Galaxy Drive In

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