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Thank you parties, the new craze

The latest craze is one that will warm the heart of most people and local businesses are benefiting from the fad: The Thank You Party.

Has someone babysat your kids, helped you move house, provided meals while you were sick? The people of Perth have found a new way to say “thank you” and it’s by providing a picnic for a party.

June Kelly runs Perth Parties and Picnics and told Steve and Baz: “Oh, there’s so many more people than you would think have Thank You parties and it’s such a wonderful trend that’s happening.”
“It’s really good for the people who are holding the party and it’s especially good for those who are being thanked and they’re quite emotional because I don’t think we always stop to say thank you.”

6PR Breakfast listeners added the things they do to say thank you, including Marie who bakes Thank You cakes.

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You can find out more about June Kelly’s business here.

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