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Push for council staff travel transparency in City of Canning

The travel expenses and arrangements of all council staff would be published every quarter under a plan being considered by the City of Canning council.

Canning Deputy Mayor Jesse Jacobs is pushing for all council staff travel expenses to be published so ratepayers and residents can be satisfied their rates are being spent acceptably.

But he’s being met with resistance from council staff, with officer’s recommendations on Cr Jacobs’ motion suggesting there could be unintended consequences from it including staff would be disinclined to travel which would negatively impact ratepayers.

“I think if you’re doing the pub test, I think this passes,” he told Gareth Parker.

“The residents want to know if [staff] are going interstate, airfares, accommodation, meals, put it on the register and make it public every three months. I don’t see how that’s going to effect anyone wanting to go to these things.”

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