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Poo & fart jokes a winner for Aussie comedian’s new kids book

One of Australia’s comedy icons Magda Szubanski has released her new children’s book series this month. Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony and the Poo of Excitement is about a spoilt, cranky, side-kicking little pony inspired by Magda’s own real life nickname, given to her by friends when she gets ticked-off!

Ms Szubanski joined the Weekend Catch-up where she told Mark Gibson it’s a cautionary tale for kids in these days of “insta-fame”.

“Back when I was a kid if an adult asked you what you wanted to be when you a grew up you’d say a doctor or a police man or whatever.

“And now when you ask kids what they want to be, they say they want to be famous… like that’s a job.”

You can purchase the book from most online stores.


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