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Let’s Talk Business: Monday June 10

With interest rates going down and the minimum wage going up, what effect are these important economic shifts having on your business?

The Fair Work Ombudsman ruled that Uber drivers are independent contractors and not employees, meaning every Uber driver is their own small business.

PC Locs’ story is one of a small backyard business makes good – started in a backyard shed and run by a father/son team, the company is now trading internationally and adding new a new consumer arm to their thriving corporate supply business.

CEO James Symons is with us to talk about his business, their growth, and working with his dad.

On Workwise, it’s tax time and a major change is coming to the way businesses report salary, wage and superannuation payments to the ATO. Mark Chapman from H&R Block, in partnership with Officeworks, explains the ins and outs of Single Touch Payroll.

Peter Switzer from reveals why business owners could benefit from belonging to an industry association.


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