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Last ditch appeal to stop sheep ship

The Federal Court is hearing an urgent application from Animals Australia that an exemption allowing sheep to be exported to the Middle East shouldn’t have been granted.

The exemption was granted over the weekend allowing 50,000 sheep to be transported onboard the Al Kuwait despite a northern summer suspension currently in place.

The vessel’s been at Fremantle Port for the past two weeks following an outbreak of coronavirus among the crew.

Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council CEO Mark Harvey-Sutton says it’s frustrating the animal rights group has lodged the appeal and it’s “incredibly important” the Al Kuwait sets sail.

“Our trading relationship with the Middle East is long standing,” said Mr Harvey-Sutton

“At the moment, particularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, food security is such a heightened issue for them.

“They depend on us, it’s a responsibility we bare as an industry to ensure their food security and at the moment that’s being challenged.”



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