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It’s time to spread the positive vaccination message

Another day, another outrageous statement about vaccination. Boxer Anthony Mundine claims the Government bullies parents into vaccination and children should not be vaccinated.

Catherine Hughes lost her son Riley at four weeks of age from whooping cough. She has since started a project called “Light For Riley” to promote the effectiveness and importance of vaccinations.

Catherine joined Oliver Peterson to offer advice for people feeling frustrated by those touting anti-vaccine dribble:

Tweeting and commenting our outrage is one thing, but if we can transform these feelings into some kind of meaningful action – then we are REALLY turning anti-vaccine activism into something brilliant.

  • Annoyed at a Anthony Mundine’s latest tweet? Go book in for a flu shot.

  • Irritated by a social media influencer trying to influence people not to vaccinate? Make time for a meaningful chat with your friend who is worried about vaccination.

  • Frustrated by a Paleo Pete promoting his anti-vaccine views? Make a donation to UNICEF or a similar charity to purchase vaccines for children in need.

Overall, it’s really important that we are patient and kind to those who have genuine questions and worries about vaccines.

But it’s equally important that we stand up to those who are using or abusing their large platforms to spread dangerous lies about vaccination. And better yet, when we transform our frustrations into meaningful action – we have a chance to turn anti-vaccine activism into something really positive.

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