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Gyms opening… but are they?

The State Government is allowing gyms to reopen from Monday, but ONLY for classes or small group training with up to 20 participants and minimal sharing of equipment.

This means people can’t use or share gym machines, like Pilates reformers, weight machines, exercise bicycles, rowing machines, and treadmills. Equipment such as skipping ropes, hand weights etc can be used for classes but must be cleaned between sessions. Is this confusing?

Phase 3 (about four weeks after May 18) is earmarked as the time when gyms can reopen fully.

Gym owner Matt Fuller has owned Fuller Fitness in Subiaco for over 20 years. He joined the Weekend Catch-Up where he told Mark Gibson he’s urged industry association Fitness Australia and the government to be clearer around the situation in Western Australia.

“My gripe with the WA Government is there’s too much confusion around what you can and can’t do as a gym owner,” said Mr Fuller.


Photo credit – Fuller Fitness Subiaco Facebook page

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