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Gareth Parker commends government action on COVID-19

6PR Mornings host Gareth Parker says the monster economic package designed to keep Australia’s economy ticking over has ‘saved the country’s bacon’.

“It is unfathomably expensive, $130 billion and we will be paying for it for decades, but it doesn’t matter,” he said.

“The alternative was 30 plus percent unemployment, an economy – and lives – and livelihoods – obliterated. A new great depression, but worse.”

“Now? There will be pain, and plenty of it but there is hope.”

“People won’t starve, people have a fighting chance to get to the other side and the critical thing – is that employers will stay connected with their employees.”

“You know that I speak with Christian Porter each week on this program, and for the past two weeks I have asked him if the government could put a package like this together, to save the job, not just the income. He said it wasn’t possible because you had to use the existing delivery mechanism of Centrelink.”

“The government have had a 180 degree about face on that, and they need to be congratulated for it. This has been fast moving, but they have sized it up and they have adapted.

“Can I give them credit for that, this crisis needs everyone to work together.”

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