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Gage Roads – The keys to making a new beer

Aaron Heary from Gage Roads joins PerthLive to discuss the keys to making a new beer.

  • Where to start –  the team talk about the characteristics they want in this beer (aroma, flavour, bitterness etc) and start to think about how they will achieve this with ingredients (hops, malt, yeast) and process
  • Taste Testing –  the brew team will get together and try a bunch of existing beers, noting what they like and what they don’t
  • Make a batch – the brewers will then create the beer, often there might be a few different brews/ versions
  • Testing, testing and more testing – blind tests of the beer with not only brewers, but other non-beer people within the business
  • How Alby was created + how that played out (plus we can tease that we have a couple of new Gage Roads releases coming soon)

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