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Free parking a success… more to come in time for Christmas

The Commissioners of the City of Perth are working hard to bring people back into town.

Commissioner Andrew Hammond told Oliver Peterson the one hour free parking has already been a success in West Perth and East Perth with feedback being there are more people stopping by. The free parking in the CBD is yet to come.

“What we haven’t worked out yet is where the [free] parking adjacent to the core retail area is going to go.

We’ll know that in about three weeks and we’ll have that ready for Christmas.”

Mr Hammond said it’s also important that people feel safe to come into the city.

“The elephant in the room is the homeless people and anti-social behaviour from others.

“We’re battling with that at the moment.”

He also addressed with Oly the City of Perth inquiry and the news out last week about making the city “a little less Christmassy”.

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