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Flavours of WA – Food of the Gascoyne

Today on Flavours of WA, Doriana Mangili from the Gascoyne Food Council and Sweeter Banana Co-Op joined us in the studio to talk about produce  coming out of the region such as the Carnarvon bananas and table grapes.

Doriana told us about how creamy and sweet the bananas from our state are, but people are used to seeing QLD bananas in the supermarkets. We should look out for the green “buy west eat best” to ensure we’re buying local.
The growers have reduced their waste from 60% to 4% by selling “seconds” for banana bread and smoothies and supplying to ice cream makers.
Table grapes are now in season and on sale in the major supermarkets. Doriana explained how to know if your grapes are fresh,
“Look for the lovely green stalks.. it means their freshly picked and ripe.
“If they’re brown and dried up, then they’re pretty old.”
Oly said, “A friend of mine describes grapes as ‘natures lollies'”.

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