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Flatten the curve on loneliness for those with hearing loss

Communication is more important than ever during these times of social distancing and self isolation. But for people with hearing loss who rely on face to face communication, they’re part of a growing loneliness epidemic.

Ear Institute Australia CEO Sandra Bellekom told Mark Gibson that Lions Hearing Clinics are classed as an essential service and continue to operate safely.

“The research that we’ve done at the Ear Science Institute has shown there is a strong connection between untreated  hearing impairment and loneliness and social isolation. That’s only compounded by the fact that many senior people, many of which have hearing loss are forced to sat home right now.”

Ms Bellekom is urging people to check in with the older family members or neighbours during this time.

“We’re also calling on healthy members of the community to safely check on the seniors around you. Ask if their hearing devices are working, or if they need help. Ask if their televisions have subtitles switched on so they can ‘hear’ the news.” Ms Bellekom says.

If you or someone you know needs hearing loss support:
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