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Deputy Prime Minister on drought relief and Nauru

On Marwick on Sunday Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack spoke with Jane and Nathan Hondros about drought relief, climate change and Nauru.

Mr McCormack told Jane that Peter Dutton, the Home Affairs Minister is a “very compassionate man”.

“Any of the children who have had welfare issues and there have been health concerns which have been brought to the attention of the government have come to Australia for treatment,” Mr McCormack said.

“It’s a very delicate topic of course and there are those children who are on Nauru…do you break up a family unit because their parents and adults in their family group have have histories which don’t match up with what we would want to see,” he said.

“People who come to Australia need to share our values, they need to share our common belief and need to be able to integrate into society.”

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