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Crush drivers’ phones: Millsy

Millsy wants phones crushed on the spot by Police if drivers are caught using them. The idea was brought up during a discussion to tackle the tens of thousands of West Australian’s not getting the point with fines.

Former Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan reportedly says a $3,000 fine should be put in place for motorists caught using their phones because the $400 fine and three demerit point penalty isn’t deterring people.

Steve and Baz discussed the topic with their listeners on 6PR Breakfast; when Steve said he doesn’t agree with the $3,000 fine idea, he came up with the option of crushing the phone.

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard, crush the phone on the spot. You’re a visionary, Millsy,” Baz replied.

17,000 WA drivers were caught using their phones last financial year, up 20% from the previous financial year.

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