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Chef hits back at ridiculous request

Chef and owner of PAZAR Food Collective in Sydney has taken to social media to highlight the ridiculous requests those in his industry have to face. A diner asked Chef Attilla Yilmaz to change his entire menu to cater for their “restricted diet”, while the rest of the people in the group ate the normal set menu. Here’s the kicker – they also wanted to pay less than the rest of the group.

Chef Yilmaz tells Jo McManus his restaurant always caters for people with allergies but this person said that unless he catered for their diet, they would take their business elsewhere. That’s when things got interesting.

“I was a little perplexed by it.

“…people are vexatious and want to make threats and bully you into submission, which is unfortunately what hospitality has become with social media.”

Read the full email exchange below on their Facebook page:

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