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Cancer Council WA label decision to restrict shaded seats at first Test “nuts”

Tens of thousands of shaded seats will be unavailable at the first Test at Optus Stadium this weekend, a decision criticised by the Cancer Council WA.

Mark Strickland, Cancer Council WA Sunsmart Manager told Andrew “We are really upset about this decision”.

“Essentially the top seats that we’re talking about are the best seats in the house from a sun protection point of view…there’s a lot of UV radiation that people who are under them are missing out on,” Mr Strickland said.


“To have these seats available and not use them in December in Perth when our UV levels are off the charts …is just nuts,”he said.

“It’s a direct request really here from the Cancer Council WA…please open those seats.”

“All people can do is to try and use the other four forms of sun protection perfectly well.”

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