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Calls for Federal Government to “scientific evidence” to tackle sharks

CEO of Ocean Guardian, Lindsay Lyon is asking the Federal Government to approach WA’s shark hot spots with “scientific evidence”.

He told Chris the estimated $100 million price tag attached to the SMART drumlines being pushed by Federal Environment Minister, Josh Frydenburg would be better spent subsidising ‘scientifically proven’ alternatives.

“If you were to put a drumline in it’s unlikely it will help those most at risk…the people most at risk are surfers and divers,” Mr Lyon said.

“Yes, we have a commercial interest…we’ve been in this industry for 20 years and we’ve invested over $10 million to get to the point where we have a commercial interest,” he said.

“Our personal deterrent for surfers and divers is the only product in the world that’s been proven to be effective.”

“If you’re going to ride a bicycle and you can reduce the risk of a head injury by wearing a helmet then you should do that.”

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