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More people on the streets than in the clubs

A prominent Northbridge venue owner says larger numbers of people on the street waiting to get into venues could be contributing to an increase in violence.

As many as 200 people were involved a street fight in the nightclub district in the early hours of Sunday morning. 11 people have been charged and an officer was allegedly punched in the face.

Universal Bar owner Trevor Candido told Oliver Peterson the last thing the industry needs is a knee jerk reaction similar to what happened in Kings Cross which “killed an entire area”.

“It’s great that Mark McGowan has taken a measured approach and it’s great the police are asking for more resources.

“That’s what we need – a measured approach.”

Mr Candido said the interest in coming to Northbridge hasn’t waned but restrictions on capacity means wait times in queues can be longer.

“We’re doing our bit to make sure people under our power are under control.

“Every now and then you do get an isolated incident and it’s unfortunate that particular thing that happened in the space of 10 minutes ends up on the front of the newspaper.”

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