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Latest COVID-19 figures: Historical cases increase state’s total

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Western Australia has recorded another day of no new coronavirus cases. But two historical cases have increased the state’s total to 556.

These two cases were from approximately six weeks ago and were picked up after antibodies were detected in blood tests.

Heath Minister Roger Cooks said both cases are no longer infectious.

“We know where they contracted the virus. One of the cases was related to a cruise ship and one is a casual contact of a confirmed case,” said Mr Cook

Latest COVID-19 Figures:

  • 0 new cases today
  • Current WA total – 556
  • 541 people have recovered – leaving 6 ACTIVE cases.
  • 1 of the active cases is in hospital
  • 1 of the active cases is regional – in the Goldfields
  • 64,646 people have been tested (including 5,540 FIFO workers in the DETECT study)
  • Total deaths to date – 9

Listen to the press conference with Health Minister Roger Cook here: