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Iso Fitspo – Aerobics Oz Style is back

Remember Aerobics Oz Style? Breakout the leotards, legwarmers and high tops, the long running home workout show has returned to keep us fit while we’re in self isolation.

Episodes from 1995 – 1998 are now available to watch online, Steve and Baz caught up with one of the instructors, Wendi Carroll.

“We did 10 shows in one day, you’re either in boiling hot sun or freezing cold, and you just had to keep smiling all the time, the show has to go on,” Carroll told 6PR Breakfast.

She also remembered some of the funnier times like when a park bench broke underneath some of the instructors or this moment:

“When I was teaching outdoors, a bird landed on my head and it stayed sitting on my head while I was working out.”

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