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Driving on medicinal cannabis “should be considered safe”

A company which manufactures medicinal cannabis is calling on the WA government to change the law on drug driving to allow those with a prescription to continue to drive.

In an Australian-first, the Road Safety Act is currently under review in Victoria to treat prescribed medicinal cannabis the same way it treats other prescription medication.

Currently the WA law states it is an offence to drive with THC in your system regardless of whether it’s medicinal or recreational. Also, it is “not recommended” to drive while taking medicinal cannabis

Zelira Theraputics Managing Director Dr Richard Hopkins told Oliver Peterson there is THC in some formulations of the medication but when taken appropriately “there’s very little evidence to suggest it has an impact on driving.”

“They stand along site other medications like opioids and benzodiazepines,” said Dr Hopkins

“Which are also prescribed but not tested as having a limited impact on your driving.”

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