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Childcare costs a “disincentive to workforce participation”

Labor is pushing for a major infrastructure plan and universal childcare, as part of a plan to rebuild the country from recession.

Anthony Albanese has used his budget reply to announce a $6 billion childcare plan which would reduce costs by up to 90 percent.

He said it would allow women to re-enter the workforce, and be more productive.

Mr Albanese told Oliver Peterson childcare costs are a “disincentive to workforce participation.”

“The real problem is so many women out there who want to work full time, once they go past three days… essentially they are paying 80, 90 sometimes 100 percent straight to childcare.

“It’s a handbrake on productivity in the economy.

“This is real reform that will make a difference.”

The Opposition Leader plans to make it a “universal” childcare plan similar to the Medicare system.

“When someone goes  into a Perth hospital, they don’t check out their bank account.

“Medicare is universal health care.

“One of the benefits of universality is that you have much more broader support for the system.”

Labor is also committing $20 billion to upgrade Australia’s power network focussing on renewables, if it wins the next election.

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