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A lemon grown by a Bayswater man may just be the biggest ever grown...in Bayswater at least.

A lemon grown by a Bayswater man may just be the biggest ever grown...in Bayswater at least.


Is this Perth's biggest lemon?

A Bayswater man is laying claim to owning the biggest lemon (outside of a Lada Niva) in Perth after nurturing the sour fruit to the size of a football. Jerry showed the citrus sensation to Peter Bell and 6PR's gardening expert Sue McDougall.

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I'll take it day by day

Ian Beard was struck by a car fracturing three vertebrae. He won't know for weeks whether he will walk again. A cyclist hit by a car in Attadale says his recovery from spinal injuries suffered in the accident will be an uncertain road but is staying positive about walking again. Gary Adshead spoke to Ian Beard from his hospital bed at RPH.

AFL needs a sin bin

Thuggery AFL has a problem with violence and thuggery and parents will start to steer their children away from the game because of it, according to sports journalist Phillip 'Buzz' Rothfield. His comments come in the wake of Ty Vickery's "lenient" four-week suspension by the AFL Tribunal.

Councils rate rise fury

Councils are blaming the State Government for the sharp increase in rates. Do you know what your rates are used for? Ratepayers are fuming over the latest council rate rises that have hit nearly all metropolitan suburbs with at least a third of councils increasing rate by twice the rate of inflation. Mayor of Vic Park Trevor Vaughan, whose rate rise was 12%, spoke to Peter Bell.

Port workers face lock out

MUA workers will be locked out of DP World Fremantle port facilities tomorrow because of strained EBA negotiations. Stevedoring company DP World will lock workers out of their Fremantle Port site on Wednesday as negotiations over a new enterprise bargaining agreement continue to sour. Gary Adshead spoke to maritime Union of Australia Deputy Secretary Adrian Evans.

Harvey avoids Freo return

<b>'Thanks but no thanks'</b> Mark Harvey has turned down an invite to Fremantle's 20 Year Celebrations. Mark Harvey says he isn't ready to renew ties with the the club that fired him for current coach Ross Lyon. Harvey told Steve and Baz he won't take up an invite to the Fremantle Dockers 20 year celebration night this Friday preferring to celebrate his daughters birthday instead.

Wealthy push welfare shake-up

Andrew Forrest's welfare restriction plan is being considered by the Abbott government. One of Australia's wealthiest men wants welfare recipients payment plan that would ban them from buying things like alcohol and cigarette. Gary Adshead spoke to MIchael Mooore from the Public Health Association of Australia about the plan being considered by the Abbott government.

Aggressive beggars

Aggressive beggars in the city Paul Murray spoke with Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi about aggressive beggars in the city. She says she's been unsuccessfully seeking a meeting about City beggars with Police Minister Liza Harvey since May.

Nothing wrong with older mums

hannah-dahlen-290714 As 59 year old Kelsey Grammer welcomes a newborn the stigma of being an older parent has raised its wrinkly head. Peter Bell spoke to Dr Hannah Dahlen, Professor of Midwifery at the University of Western Sydney, about how being an parent has its benefits.

Pearson spat splits team

Sally Pearson and Eric Hollingsworth in 2010. Australia's athletics team has been thrown into turmoil after the suspension of head coach Eric Hollingsworth. Athletics Australia president David Grace stood down Hollingsworth following derogatory comments he made about star athlete Sally Pearson.

John Paul Young crashes Karaoke

Is it really Karaoke when you perform your own song? John Paul Young crashes a Karaoke night at Deville's Pad in Perth. Video: Picture this. It's a Wednesday and popular nightspot Deville's Pad is holding their standard Karaoke night. The regular crowd claps the next contestant, John, as he steps to the microphone to sing Aussie classic 'Love Is In The Air'. What happens next has to be seen to be believed.

Sue's Tour Highlights

a Sue McDougall has returned from her jaunt through Europe and has brought back some incredible photos. Have a look at the stunning gardens that Sue and her tour group got to experience.

Ebola travel warnings issued

The outbreak of ebola  West Africa is the worst in history and Australians are being warned about travelling to those countries. Australian's are now being warned about the threat of contracting and spreading ebola if they are planning to travel to any country in West Africa. Gary Adshead spoke to immunology expert Professor Cameron Simmons from the University of Melbourne.

I just called him a 'coward'

Eagles fan James confronts Richmonds Tyrone Vickery over his hit on Dean Cox. James says he never swore during the exchange. The fan who rushed to the Richmond dug out to confront Tyrone Vickery during the clash with the Eagles says he wouldn't hesitate to do it again but denies he swore at the Tigers' bigman. James spoke to Steve and Baz on the Breakfast show.

Cyclist casualties mounting

The number of cyclists injured on roads by other vehicles has risen 45% in the last 12 months. Ian Anderson, the father of Tim Anderson who was run down by a drunk driver, says he is horrified by the behaviour and attitude Perth drivers show toward cyclists. Gary Adshead spoke to Ian about the conflict on the roads with stats showing car v cyclist casualties are up 45%.

Leaf our ficus alone

<b>Battlefield Ficus</b> Neighbour has turned on neighbour as the battle over historic ficus trees turns nasty. A community uproar over the City of Wanneroo's plan to cut down 13 mature ficus trees has won a stay of execution for the 40 year old trees. Gary AQdshead spoke to the mayor of Wanneroo about the backlash and the special meeting that has now been called.

WA director hits it big

a An apocalyptic film set and produced in Perth opens in theatres next week. The film's director, Zak Hilditch, spoke to The Weekend Wake Up about These Final Hours which he calls 'a love letter to Perth'.

That's one tough koala

Timberwolf the koala has survived being hit by a car in Queensland but can't shake chlamydia. His name is Timberwolf and if Hollywood was looking for a marsupial action hero it would be him. Timberwolf not only survived being hit by a car but hung on to the grill of the moving car for over an hour. His worse injury? A torn nail. Peter Bell spoke to Claude Lacasse from Australia Zoo.

Six storeys in 10 days

Housing construction in time lapse video. Video A Perth-first modular housing project has delivered a six-storey apartment building containing 77 homes in just 10 days. Watch here.

Land tax needed for reform

The state's economic regulator has suggested dropping stamp duty for a land tax as part of WA's economic reform. The Economic Regulation Authority has included recommendations for the introduction of a land tax, scrapping of stamp duty and a congestion charge for drivers as part of their report in to microeconomic reform to the WA. ERA Chairman Lyndon Rowe explains the recommendations.

Escapee adds Acacia to record

Brett Shannon Klimczak is described as being 182cm talls, of slim build with brown hair. Anyone with information should call 131444. Police are seeking the whereabouts of 31 year old man who escaped from Acacia Prison this morning. Brett Shannon Klimczak is described as being 182cm talls, of slim build with brown hair. Klimczak was moved to Acacia after escaping Wooroloo Prison in 2010.

French Giants heading to Perth

Royal de Luxe's The Giants has been secured for a Perth performance in Feb 2015. The Giants - an 11-metre tall Deep Sea Diver and a six-metre tall Little Girl - will walk the streets of Perth over three days next February to commemorate the Anzac Centenary.

Not your average Joe

Joe Hockey The author of the new biography of Treasurer Joe Hockey says that Mr Hockey is a man whose ambition to be Prime Minister is balanced out by his respect for Tony Abbott. Gary Adshead spoke to Madonna King about the year long project getting to know the man who would be king.

Epileptic toddler uses cannabis

The medicinal cannabis debate continues A Perth Mum has put her epileptic toddler on medicinal cannabis. Paul Murray spoke with woman about her reasoning and the dramatic effect it had on her son's health.

Perth needs to grow up

A visiting Canadian expert says building highrise not highways is the solution to our congestion problems. One of the worlds leading experts on urban planning says that Perth needs to adopt an attitude of building highrise along our transit network if we are to deal with growing congestion problems. Peter Bell spoke to Jennifer Keesmaat, Chief Planner at the City of Toronto.

Have your say on euthanasia

euthanasia The federal government has invited all Australians to have their say on the controversial topic of euthanasia with a public online forum. Gary Adshead spoke to pro euthanasia campaigner Peter Short about the hope for a piece of legislation that will give terminally ill people a choice.

'a hell beyond hell'

Anthony Maslin and Marite Norris have released a tribute to their three children Evie 10, Mo 12 and Otis 8 and their grandfather. The parents of three West Australian children who were killed along with their grandfather in the MH17 tragedy have released a statement addressed to "the Ukraine, the politicians, the media, our friends and family". Read it here in its entirety.

Mother's plea over cannabis

Dan uses cannabis for pain relief A NSW family have met with their Premier Mike Baird to push for the decriminalisation of medicinal cannabis. Paul Murray spoke with Lucy Haslam whose son Daniel is dying from cancer and uses cannabis for pain relief.

I wish he would just pay up

Colin Barnett The Premier has admitted he was stunned when he found out RiskCover gagged a young woman from speaking to the media after damage to her car by Buswell and wishes Troy Buswell would just pay up for the damage. Mr Barnett spoke with Gary Adshead.

No sex for 12 months

A self confessed player gave up sex for 12 months to raise money for charity. Could you do that? For those of you who haven't been married for more than 2 years the thought of not having sex for 12 months could be a daunting task. Pete Liner took up the challenge after his mate bet him he couldn't go without the sins of the flesh for a full year. He spoke to Steve and Basil.

Charges dropped in death crash

DPP have discontinued charges against a man allegedly driving a car that collided with and killed Sharon DÉrcole in 2012. The state prosecutors had discontinued charges against James Stuart Edmonds relating to the controversial police pursuit in which Dianella woman Sharon D’ercole died on April 12, 2012. Gary Adshead spoke to lawyer Terry Dobson who is representing the husband of Sharon.

"You can't change Jaqui Lambie"

Jacqui Lambie Senator for Tasmania, Jaqui Lambie, says she will not be changing anything about herself in the face of the backlash to he now infamous "well hung" comment. Talking to Steve and Basil on the Breakfast show Senator Lambie said she is 'a fighter' and will continue being herself.

Video: Thanks Coxy!

If you didn't like this bloke it would have only been because he ripped your team apart in the ruck! #greatbloke Retiring Eagles big man, and one of 6PR's Pillars of Football, Dean Cox has joined Steve and Basil in studio for an extended chat about his announcement yesterday. The 'heartbeat' of the Eagles was a little humbled when the lines light up from fans wanting to say thanks.

Asbestos creates school chaos

An asbestos fear has closed Willetton SHS on the day students were set to return for the new term. Students and parents have been caught out with the sudden closure of Willetton SHS because of an asbestos danger from that was only reported yesterday. Gary Adshead spoke to opposition leader Mark McGowan about the communication of the closure and further asbestos fears.

ATM fee rip off

ATM ATM fees already cause unnecessary headaches but some companies are charging over $5 to get cash out. Are banks charging us too much to use their ATMs and do they have a right to charge us at all?

Harvey targets suburban hoons

Hoons caught terrorising suburban streets will face losing their vehicles for good under a police crackdown. Hoons caught terrorising suburban streets, doing burnouts or damaging homes now face having their cars immediately and permanently confiscated. Gary Adshead spoke to Police Minister Liza Harvey about the crackdown and how it will work.

"I found bags belonging to Australians"

Photo: AFP PHOTO/Alexander KHUDOTEPLY Freelance photojournalist Demjin Doroschenko was at the site of the MH17 crash. He spoke to Paul Murray on Drive about what he saw today.

Premier: 28 Australian lives lost

The Premier has spoken about the MH13 tragedy The Malaysian Airlines plane shot down over Ukraine carried 28 Australians, with seven from Western Australia. Premier Colin Barnett spoke to Paul Murray on Drive about the tragedy.

"Are you well hung?"

Jacqui Lambie Palmer United Party senator Jacquie Lambi has come under fire for comments she made on a radio station where she asked a talkback caller if he was "well hung". Social commentator Jane Caro joined Paul Murray for a discussion on political correctness.

Children victims in adult conflict

Gaza The ongoing conflict in the Gaza between Hamas and Israeli forces is conditioning young children to continue the conflict on a generational basis. This is the observation of Save the Children Fund worker Osama Damo who living through the third Gaza crisis in six years.

Am I cautious or obsessive?

Old habits like checking the door or iron could actually be a sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The line between double checking that the iron is off and obsessing over it is a very fine line and the anxiety that surrounds those thoughts could lead to an obsessive disorder developing. Peter Bell spoke to Renae Tsatsis from the Anxiety Recovery Centre.

Synergy board members walk

4 members of the Synergy board, including the chairman, have resigned. The Minister for Energy says the resignation of 4 members of the newly merged Synergy/Verve board, including the Chairman Michael Smith, is due to an shift in focus and not a loss of confidence. Paul Murray spoke to Mr Nahan about secrecy surrounding the resignations.

Indian influences in WA first

Indian writer/actor/director Nandita Das spoke with Peter Bell. One of India's most successful and talented actor/directors has started development on a feature film that is set both here in WA and India. Peter Bell spoke to Nandita Das about the film and how she has pushed the envelope in the lavish yet conservative Indian film industry.

The future of Dean Cox

Dean Cox announces his retirement After he announced his retirement from AFL football today Dean Cox joined the boys on Sports Today. The Eagles legend talks about his plans for the future and some of highlights of his remarkable AFL career. Thanks Coxy!

Missile stolen from Ukrainian army

A Soviet built Buk missile system believed to be responsible for the shooting down of MH-17. The missile system that shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17 may have been seized from Ukrainian forces during the separatist movement in the troubled country. Gary Adshead spoke to Alexey Muraviev from Curtain's department of International Studies.

Lyon to swing the axe

Ross Lyon reveals he could make 6 changes Dockers coach Ross Lyon says expect up to six changes for their clash with Carlton after the bye. Lyon spoke to the boys on Sports Today to review their shock loss to St Kilda on Saturday.

What do we do now?

Rebel troops stand guard over body bags as the international community argue over bringing the dead home. The scenes of devastation and tragedy coming from the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has many of us watching in shock and disbelief at he scene on TV and online. International political commentator Dr Kieth Suter explains the impact of this tragedy for the world.

Flight path made no sense

Image from Radar24.com showing MH-17 flying straight through Ukrainian airspace and its last radar location. A safety expert says the flight path of MH-17 which went straight through Ukrainian airspace made no sense at all. Professor Geoff Dell from CQ University told Gary Adshead that warnings were being given from both separatist and Ukrainian forces about the danger of crossing the airspace.

WA schools continue to cane

a Two private schools in Perth continue to use the cane despite a ban on corporal punishment. Gary spoke to a pastor at a WA private school that uses the cane.

27 Australians among airline dead

crash site of MH-17 LATEST: Dutch officials confirm 27 Australians among the nearly 300 feared dead in passenger jet crash.


The car driven and damaged by Troy Buswell has been advertised for $36,231 on an automotive auction website. The opposition claims an offer made to one of the victims whose car was damaged during the Troy Buswell driving incident by RiskCover is basically an attempt to bully the woman from taking further action. Gary Adshead spoke to Labor leader Mark McGowan.

Toads for dinner?

Take a holiday with Cane Toad Tourism Australians should be eating more camel meat, sea urchins and .... cane toads? A university professor is suggesting we eat more of these Australian delicacies.

'We Just Shot Down a Plane'

An armed pro-Russian separatist stands on part of the wreckage of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in the Donetsk region. Video: A translated video released by Ukrainian security forces claims to show a conversation between Russian backed BES militants discussing the events leading to the shooting down of a Malasia Airlines commercial passenger flight in Ukrainian airspace.

'Fan First' Stadium

a Larger seats with cup holders, public Wi-Fi and and two massive screens will make the new Perth Stadium a 'fans first' stadium. Premier Colin Barnett and Sports Minster Terry Waldron revealed more details about the stadium.

Slow business for Barrack Square

Bell Tower turns 10 Ongoing works at Elizabeth Quay has seen a downturn in traffic for businesses in Barrack Square. Basil and Steve spoke to a Barrack Square business owner about the impact it's having on his business.

Buses speeding in school zones

Over 100 bus drivers have been busted speeding through school zones. The Transport Workers Union says growing scheduling pressures and cut backs are to blame for the number of bus drivers being issued speeding infringements in the past year. Gary Adshead spoke to Paul Aslan from the TWU about the fines.

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