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Channel 7's Sunrise news presenter Natalie Barr is back home in Perth for Telethon.

Channel 7's Sunrise news presenter Natalie Barr is back home in Perth for Telethon.


Nat's back for Telethon

There are few stars in the Channel 7 universe that shine as brightly as Perth's Natalie Barr, which is saying something considering she needs to be bright and sharp during the very blunt early morning hours. Peter Bell spoke to Natalie about coming home for Telethon.

Station Highlights

Aussies to join Ebola fight

Experts are calling for more international help in containing the spread of the Ebola virus. Up to 16 Australian healthcare professionals will join the fight to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus as experts warn there is not enough being done to contain the threat. Gary Adshead spoke to Dr Con Costa who is the President of the Doctors Reform Society.

Angry: SAf talkback reacts

Oscar Pistorius could serve as little as 8 months behind bars for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Talkback radio switchboards in South Africa have lit up like camera flashes at an Opening Ceremony, with listeners phoning in to vent their spleen over the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius.

Are we past Love Thy Neighbour?

Love Thy Neighbour WATCH: A controversial 1970s British sitcom is set to return to our TV screens, with Channel 7 announcing re-runs of Love Thy Neighbour.

Sanderson opens up after sacking

Brenton Sanderson is looking for a new job in football. It’s been nearly five weeks since Adelaide made the shock announcement that they would not be going forward with Brenton Sanderson as their coach.

3000 Perth people left council-less

Council amalgamations About 3000 people have been left without a council after the State Government's amalgamation announcement yesterday. Hear Local Government Minister Tony Simpson try to defend the oversight on Drive with Paul Murray.

Hayley Dodd's Garden

Hayley Dodd's Garden It's been 15 years since Hayley Dodd disappeared and now her mother Margaret wants to have a secret, enchanted garden built to remember her missing daughter. Margaret spoke to Paul Murray on the Drive show.

Canadian attack causes security beef up

Security has been increased around several Australian monuments following attacks in Canada. Image: Australian War Memorial. Security around sensitive landmarks and prominent institutions in Australia is being increased following the shooting of a soldier in Canada and assault on the Parliament by an armed man on Wednesday. Gary Adshead spoke to Federal Justice Minister Micheal Keenan.

Studio hunts online pirates

Studios are launching action to hunt down movie pirates in Australia. Image: Dallas Buyers Club. The creators Dallas Buyers Club are bringing their battle against piracy and illegal downloads to Australia applying to the Federal Court that it have iiNet and other local ISPs hand over the identities of the alleged pirates. Gray Adshead spoke to Fairfax technology expert Trevor Long.

Aussie murdered in Bali

Ross Taylor, friend of the Ellis' speaks to Paul Indonesian police say it would be alleged that Julaikah Noor Aini paid to have her husband Robert Ellis murdered. Paul spoke to Ross Taylor, a friend of the Ellis family.

Plea to find Enoch Walsh

Missing Enoch Walsh A family friend of Romily House escapee and killer Enoch Samuel Walsh is appealing for support in the search for Mr Walsh. Paul Murray spoke to Michelle about the man who has been missing from his care facility in Claremont since October 5.

Editorial: Talk time is over

Gary Adshead: Now, no one wants to be sucked in by a complete fanatic, but I have to say I just wish our government and other governments would stop tinkering at the edges with this growing threat in the Middle East.

Progress at walking pace

The City of Fremantle is aiming for a walker-friendly city but are they choking the life out of the city in the process? The City of Fremantle says it will look at reducing traffic speeds as part of a raft of measures being considered to find the the right balance between pedestrians and motorists in the heart of the port city. Gary Adshaed spoke to Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit.

Muslims: Barnett's gone missing

The Muslim community are being targeted and have accused the WA government offering little more than 'emotional support' Islamic Council of WA says members of Muslim community are being targeted, with the WA government offering only 'emotional support'.

Marsh in line for Test debut

a The wait may finally be over for WA's Mitch Marsh after Australian selector Mark Waugh telling Sports Today he expects the younger of the Marsh boys to make his Test debut.

Ecstasy use on the rise

Annual study shows synthetic drug use is on the way down but ecstasy and methamphetamine use is on the rise. The NDRAC annual survey of drug use has found a decrease in synthetic cannabis among regular drug users but the use of ecstasy is on the rise. Gary Adshead spoke with Associate Professor Lucy Burns about the research findings.

Skip breakfast and get skinny

Is the most important meal of the day the one that is helping fuel obesity? Research suggest it is. It might be regarded as the most important meal of the day but new research suggest that by skipping breakfast, or at least delaying it, is the best way to tackle Australia's epidemic of obesity. Steve and Basil spoke to Alex Hodge from Monash University.

Dear Treasurer. A letter by Larry

With the bi-election out of the way it's time for the Treasurer to return to his real job according to columnist Larry Graham. Dear Treasurer, now that messy, democratic bye-election thingy is out of the way and you can get back onto your day job, I just thought I would drop you a line to help you refocus on the budgetary problems you inherited from your high-flying predecessors.

Waugh hints Nile Test debut

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Tweet Former Australian Cricket captain and current selector, Mark Waugh, has tipped WA's Nathan Coulter-Nile to be part of the Australian Test team this season saying that he was left out of the T20 squad simply to get him ready for limited overs and test cricket this season.

Burqua ban backflip

The controversial Parliament House burqa ban has been dumped. Michael Pachi has the latest. The controversial plan to make Muslim women wearing burqas and the niqab sit in glassed enclosures at Parliament House has been ditched following a fierce backlash. Gary Adshead spoke to Fairfax Canberra Bureau Chief Michael Pachi.

In the flame zone

FESA CEO Jo Harrison Ward has been sacked following a scathing report in to the Hills Bushfire. A bushfire expert is in Perth and wants to implement a Bushfire Attack Level system. Aimed at home-owners in areas at risk to fires, the Bushfire Attack Levels are judged by the location and surroundings of the houses at risk.

I have a circus degree

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey clowns look on during Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. Imagine running away to join the circus and being told that you are under-qualified or you don't have the necessary educational requirements. Sounds absurd? Well with the establishment of the National Institute of Circus Arts those days may be here already.

Portrait placement a potty idea

Edith Cowan was the first woman elected to an Australian parliament. Her portrait now hangs beside the men's toilet. The relocation of seven portraits of historic WA MP's, including Edith Cowan, who adorns the Australian $50 note, next to the men's toilets at Parliament House has raised a few eyebrows as well objections. Gray Adshead spoke to concerned MLC Alanna Clohesy.

"I had concerns over safety"

a A man is in critical condition after an apparent attempt to take his own life at the Lone Rangers Shooting complex in Belmont yesterday. A former manager of Lone Rangers spoke about his concerns over the safety of the complex.

Watermelon prices set to skyrocket

a A virus in the Northern Territory has wiped out a large portion of watermelon crops that supply WA. Faced with a shortage of the summertime favourite John - a watermelon supplier says prices - are set to sky rocket.

Dragon still rockin' 40 years on

a Legendary New Zealand rock group Dragon dropped by 6PR studio for a chat with Peter Bell. The group chatted about their history before belting out their legendary hit "April Sun in Cuba".

Bacon and Eggs the best breakfast?

a Other than listening to Steve and Basil in the morning a new study says that bacon and eggs are the perfect way to start the day. While Dietitian Chris Fonda agrees bacon and eggs are a good breakfast he believes it's not the best.

"At fault" scheme victim

Tracy: A victim of the Tracy Odiam, a woman who was once a very independent person, was unable to receive compensation from a motorbike accident that left her paraplegic. Paul Murray spoke to Tracy about her struggles which include being close to poverty line while trying to hang on to her house.

Online piracy on the rise

a Piracy is on the rise in Australia according to a new study by the IP Awareness Foundation. Parents are being encouraged to educate their children on online piracy which damages the Australian film and television industry.

Can't bury our heads in the sand

a The Federal Opposition health spokesperson believes Australia should be committed to fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Catherine King believes the government is burying their head in the sand in regards to the matter.

Comedy of numbers

a What's the significance of a the number 33, why is 7 lucky? Comedian and Mathematician Adam Spencer dropped by to tell Steve and Basil all about the quirkiness of numbers.

Not your regular Bali souvenir

a A Bunbury man has returned from Bali with a very unusual souvenir. The 21-year-old had to have a spider removed from his chest after it burrowed in at his navel and moved up to his sternum.

Rio Tinto hit back at Barnett

Rio Tinto hits back at accusations of price manipulation Mining company Rio Tinto has hit back at the Premier over accusations of price manipulation. Paul Murray spoke to experienced resources journalist Tim Treadgold about the stoush.

My side of the street

a Country musician Adam Brand dropped by 6PR to have a chat with Peter Bell about his latest tour. The Perth born, three time platinum singer shared a song from his new album My Side of the Street.

Game show sexism?

a Channel 10's game show Family Feud has been accused of being sexist after it posed the question: Name something people think is a woman job? RMIT's deputy dean of communications believes it was a sexist question.

Keep it local

a With an influx of imported goods the Australian Made campaign is hitting back as they attempt to get consumers to buy local. Campaign CEO Ian Harrison spoke with Gary Adshead about the impact buying Australian Made has on local businesses.

Wealth not feeding WA's hungry kids

a Despite Australians being amongst the most wealthy people in the world, welfare agencies in WA are still turning away more than 4,000 hungry children. Foodbank WA CEO Greg Hebble spoke with Gary Adshead about the struggle they face to fee hungry children.

Calls for wider reportage of suicide

a WA's Mental Health Commissioner believes there should be a larger coverage of suicide and mental health issues. The comments come on the back of a letter published in The West Australian calling for more coverage much in the style of a road toll count.

Flurry of feathers

a It's that time of the year when our black and white friends become extremely aggressive. No it's not AFL Finals time it's magpie swooping season. The Department of Parks and Wildlife tell us what to do to avoid being attacked.

Communication Breakdown

a The art of face to face communication is slowly dying off thanks to the increasing use of smart phones. Fleur Allen - a master networker - spoke with Steve and Basil about the problems that arise from a lack of face to face communication.

"I would have denied him a visa"

a Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson believes Tony Abbott should have denied Russian President Vladmir Putin a visa. Mr Wilson spoke with Gary Adshead about the decision to allow Mr Putin into the country for the G20 Summit.

Customer service commended at Pattersons

Patersons Stadium vs Subiaco Council Pattersons Stadium faces an uphill battle each season as its ageing facilities are pushed to the limits by massive crowds every week. Despite the strain Pattersons Stadium staff have been recognised with a number of awards for their customer service.

Rare surfboards up for grabs

a A collection of over 100 classic and unique surfboards is up for auction in Claremont. Each board is expected to sell for a hefty fee but one in particular could to fetch up to $15,000.

PM is comedy gold

Comedian Dave Hughes dropped by 6PR for a chat with Gary Adshead. Dave Hughes the loveable larrikin from Warrnambool dropped by 6PR to talk about his new show 'Pointless' and where he gets his material from. While chatting with Gary Adshead he admitted Prime Minister Tony Abbott is comedy gold.

Risk of Ebola in WA extremely low

a The Australian Medical Association says that the chances of a Western Australian becoming infected with Ebola is extremely low. AMA WA President Michael Gannon spoke with Peter Bell about the measures being taken to protect us from Ebloa.

Firies fed up will false alarms

a WA Fire and Emergency Services are fed up with false fire alarms and are set to crack down on the fake emergencies by fining businesses that repeatedly trigger false alarms.

Aussies are Taller, Fitter and Richer

a Australians are less prone to cancer, better educated, taller and richer than ever before. Mikaykla Novak a senior fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs spoke with Steve and Bas about a report into the Australian living standards.

Fat city's transformation

a A public health campaign in the Victorian city of Ararat which aimed to shed their title as Australia's fattest town seems to have worked. Angela Hunt from the Ararat Council spoke with Bob Maumill about the town's attempt to lose weight.

10 ways to spot dementia early

a How do you know if you or a loved one is developing dementia? Dr Maree Farrow from Alzheimers Australia spoke with Bob Maumill about the ten early warning signs to look out for when it comes to Dementia.

Raw deal for shoppers

a Shoppers at Perth's Ikea store are paying more for their flat pack furniture than shoppers in the eastern states. Tom Godfrey from consumer watchdog choice believes WA is getting a raw deal.

Running on empty

a The worst thing that could happen to a V8 Supercar driver - besides crashing - is running out of fuel mid-race. When this happened to Holden driver Jamie Whincup during Bathurst, Steve and Basil wanted to know what actually happens to our cars when they run out of juice?

WA's Meth Problem

a A series by The West Australian has highlighted the increasing problem of Methamphetamine in WA. Meth related crimes are clogging up the judicial system according to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Wayne Martin.

Disability pension cuts

a The Federal Government has cut the recipients of the Disability Support Pension by half. Craig Wallace from People With Disability Australia spoke with Gary Adshead about the cuts.

Dump baby bonus for childcare

baby bonus Eight in 10 Australian parents want the Federal Government to scrap the $5.5 billion Paid Parental Leave scheme and instead have the money invested into childcare, according to exclusive data from The Parenthood.

1500 jobs axed to combat debt

More cuts to the public sector have been announced as the state government ramps up its GST war of words. A range of cost cutting measures including axing 1500 public service jobs will be implimented by the state government as way to reign in state debt and dwindling income from iron ore royalties.

Fire crews fight port ship blaze

Livestock ship fire in Fremantle, pic courtesy of @clairemoodie @abcnewsPerth Firefighters are dealing with a fire on a livestock carrier in the Fremantle Port. It is understood one crew member has been burnt in the fire, which is in the accommodation and bridge area of the ship.

Riders trading laws for safety

Bike riders have admitted they flout road laws to ensure their safety on the roads. New research from the University of NSW has shown that most bike riders admit to breaking road rules at some time while riding but they do it mostly to guard their own safety on the roads. Paul Murray spoke with Louise Shaw, PhD Student at the UNSW.

Aussie jets bomb IS targets

Australian jets have dropped their first bombs against IS targets in Iraq. All jets returned safely. Australia aircraft have launched their first air-strike over Iraq - deploying bombs on ISIS targets. The Defence Force says super hornets dropped two bombs - it's understood a militant facility was hit. It's the first strike since aircraft were given the ok to fly over Iraq last Friday.

World champion's blind ambition

World Champion Kylie Forth receives the a special media award following her successful sailing campaign. Kylie Forth is a young woman who believes in ceasing opportunity whenever it presents and that includes the ones that presented after she lost her sight. Kylie has become a world champion in sailing which she says may never had happened if she didn't go blind at a young age.

Carmen decision is censorship

Is the dropping of Carmen from the WA Opera Company because of a sponsor conflict a form of censorship? The decision to drop the performance of Carmen from the WA Opera because of a conflict with major sponsor Healthway has been labelled as a policy blunder that amounts to censorship of the arts. Gary Adshead spoke to Trish Jha from the Centre of Independent Studies.

Bali weddings in tatters

Couples have been robed of their dream of weddings with the collapse of a popular Bali wedding planner. Couples that have been left in the lurch by the collapse of wedding planner company Bali D'Luxe have shared their stories with Steve and Basil. The department of Consumer protection says a number of couples have been caught out by the company's closure.

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