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Fears over proximity to sex offender

Fears over proximity to sex offender


Scared to leave her home

A neighbour of Patrick Comeagain has come forward voicing her distress over living in the same block of units as the convicted sex offender. Paul Murray spoke with Lucy (not her real name) about her concerns.

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Scared to leave her home

Fears over proximity to sex offender A neighbour of Patrick Comeagain has come forward voicing her distress over living in the same block of units as the convicted sex offender. Paul Murray spoke with Lucy (not her real name) about her concerns.

Premier Colin Barnett

Premier Colin Barnett West Australian Premier Colin Barnett joined Paul Murray in studio on Drive to discuss Government asset sales.

Unprepared for eCigs phenomenon

The e-cigarette debate The Australian Government and health regulators have been caught unprepared for the phenomenon that is the e-cigarette says one vendor. Paul Murray spoke with Mark Kagan, the Australian director of Logic Ecigs.

Cubby house kerfuffle

cubby A Mosman Park family is battling to save their children's tree house from destruction after a complaint from their neighbor. The Town of Mosman Park are deciding if it should stay or go next Tuesday.

PM hospital visit to justify bill claim?

MP's say the PM has admitted he only visited a cancer hospital so he could bill taxpayers for a Liberal party fundraiser. Gary Adshead spoke with Latika Bourke, who writes in the SMH that Prime Minister Tony Abbott told government MPs he had to schedule an early morning visit to a cancer research centre in Melbourne on Tuesday so that he could justify billing taxpayers to be in the city for a "private function" the night before.

State debt $29 billion by 2018

WA's credit rating has slumped from AAA to AA1 and debt is expected to hit $29 billion by 2018. WA has lost its prized AAA credit rating for the first time since 1996 and has been warned of spiraling debt unless the government strengthens its "fiscal resolve". What does that mean to the WA householder? Steve and Basil spoke to economist Saul Estlake about the drop to a AA1 rating.

Qantas hit turbulence

Qantas to axe 1750 jobs Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has announced an astonishing net loss of $2.88 billion. Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas spoke with Gary Adshead about the future of the airline and how this announcement will affect the company in the short term.

WA farmers enter milk war

WA dairy farmers will produce a branded milk for local buyers. Will you buy this milk if it costs a little more? The states dairy farmers have banded together to produce a WA branded milk so that consumers will be able to support the local product and local businesses.Gary Adshead spoke to WA Farmers Federation president Dale Parks.

Clive says Sorry

Clive Palmer has apologised for calling Chinese people mongrels. Read his apology here. Clive Palmer has apologised to the Chinese ambassador for his televised tirade against the country last week. Read the apology letter here. More to come.

Video: Premier tips the bucket

Watch the Premier take a splash for cash raising money for Motor Neuron Disease research. VIDEO He has his detractors but you can't fault the Premier when it comes to a good cause. Responding to the call out from 6PR's Karl Langdon Mr Barnett fronted for his turn under the ice bucket to raise money and awareness for motor neuron disease.

Selwood pushes for finals

Selwood likely to return against Port Adelaide West Coast are set to regain midfielder Scott Selwood for their must win clash with Gold Coast on Sunday. Coach Adam SImpson reviews the win over Melbourne and talks up a possible finals appearance with boys from Sports Today.

Time for E-Cigarette crackdown

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has raised concerns among health experts that smoking is becoming sexy again. The Heart Foundation of WA and Healthways, backed by a World Health Organisation report in to raising concerns over electronic cigarettes, are calling for tougher regulations be placed on the new devices. Gary Adshead spoke to Maurice Swanson, CEO of WA Heart Foundation.

Pavlich still in doubt

Pavlich remains in doubt to return Fremantle coach Ross Lyon says Michael Barlow won't return this weekend to tackle Port Adelaide and skipper Matthew Pavlich is also in doubt with a quad injury. Lyon reviews the win over the Lions and looks ahead to Port.

Foxtel to get cheaper

Foxtel In an effort to counter cheaper competition in pay television like American on-demand provider Netflix, Foxtel customers may see the television service dropping its subscription costs. Paul Murray spoke with media expert Steve Allen.

Anger at Comeagain placement

The mother of an intellectually impaired man is furious Patrick Comeagain has been placed in her sons set of units. The placement of sex offender Patrick Comeagain in a metropolitan housing complex that is home to children as well as intellectually and physically disadvantaged adults has angered resident and family members. One parent, Rebecca, spoke to Paul Murray.

A date with darts' royalty

Entourage. It began with a simple question to 16 times world champion Phil 'The Power Taylor' about what it's like to be backstage on the darts tour and ended with an invitation of a life time for one dart's fan. See how Mark went when he was invited to be part of Phil 'The Power' Taylor's entourage.

Religions unite against extremists

Religioin Leaders from more than 140 faiths will hold gatherings across Australia today in a bid to encourage solidarity and support of the Muslim community. Gary Adshead spoke to Pastor Jarrod McKenna from WestCity Church in Wembley who is encouraging people to take a step back.

FIFO suicide investigation

FIFO workers. A WA parliamentary committee will examine a number of suicides among FIFO workers, after the idea received undivided support by MPs. Paul Murray spoke with Steve McCartney, State Secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.

What the hell is Bro-ga

Yoga is shedding it's hippie image as more aggressive and demanding forms become popular. Step aside ladies because men have finally discovered what you already knew about yoga, that it is not only good for you but it's also damn hard. Peter Bell spoke to ex paratrooper turned yoga guru Duncam Peak about the rise of bro-ga for men.

Is it time for full deregulation?

According to the CCI it's time for full deregulation of trading hours on the back of Sunday trading success. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has released results from a survey showing Sunday trading has been a runaway success. Gary Adshead spoke to John Cummings from the Independent Grocers Association about the results. Do you like Sunday trading?

Foley murder raises ransom questions

Jihadists demanded $150 million for the release of journalist James Foley. Should governments pay ransoms? The murder of American journalist James Foley by jihadist extremists has raised questions over the United States stance on not paying ransoms while other nations do. Gary Adshead spoke to terrorism expert Dr Keith Suter about the issue and outline Australia's policy.

Banned from ANZAC parade

They are part of the ANZAC legend but horses have been banned from an ANZAC parade in Albany. Horses have been banned from being part of an ANZAC parade in Albany because there are fears an accident will occur if someone slipped on horse poo. Harry Boyle from the 10th Light Horse Brigade in Albany spoke to Steve and Basil.

Woof woof is this the end?

Is this the end of Cannington Greyhounds? Greyhound racing at Cannington could be no more due to a lack of Government funding. CEO David Hobbs spoke about what they need , will they get it and will it happen in time to stop the closure of Cannington.

Tech killing our driving

Technology. Help or hindrance? An expert believes modern-day drivers have become too reliant on technology in cars and driving standards have diminished as a result. Paul Murray spoke with Dylan Campbell, Editor of MOTOR Magazine about the impact technology has on commuters.

'It's like child abuse': AMA

The AMA have blasted parents who don't vaccinated their kids, singling out wealthy suburbs as the worst. The AMA has described the parents that choose not to have their children vaccinated as 'child abusers' and says it is unacceptable in a first world country. Gary Adshaed spoke to AMA WA President Dr Michael Gannon about so called conscientious objectors who avoid immunising their children.

S.A.S in 'skimpy' scandal

Images of 'skimpy' barmaids serving in the SAS's Gratwick club have created a new scandal for the ADF. The ADF has been dragged in to another scandal after photos showing topless barmaids working at the Swanbourne SAS barracks' Gratwick Club were given to the media by a soldiers mother. Gary Adshead spoke to Fairfax investigative journalist Rory Callinan who broke the story.

Murray's Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge Last night Karl Langdon nominated 6PR Drive presenter Paul Murray to take on the ice bucket challenge. See how it went here...

No friction between Palmer and Wang

Clive Palmer has upset WA Premier Colin Barnett with his comments about China. Find out what he said here. Clive Palmer says he does not regret the comments he made on national TV about the Chinese government and denies his comments have caused a rift between him and WA's Palmer United Party Senator Dio Wang. Mr Palmer spoke to Steve and Basil this morning.

Job ads: Indigenous only

Some online job ads are requiring applicants to be indigenous A DFES ad for a Director of Media & Corporate Communications says that initially, only Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people may apply for the job. How common is this and what ends does it achieve? Paul Murray spoke with Kylie Kinsela, founder of indigcareers.com.au

Eagles still a chance

Season on the line for West Coast After throwing away a 34 point lead to Essendon West Coast can still make the top 8. Their coach Adam Simpson reviewed the loss and explains his post match "train wreck"comments to the Sports Today boys.

Will they appeal Fyfe ban?

Dockers may appeal Fyfe ban Ross Lyon says the club is still deciding if they will appeal Nat Fyfe's 2 match ban from striking Jordan Lewis on the weekend. Lyon reviewed yesterday's win over Hawthorn.

Karl calls out the Premier

6PR's Karl Langdon has stepped up to the plate for a good cause and taken the Ice Bucket Challenge raising over $7000 for motor neuron disease research. Karl has sent his challenge straight to the top of WA calling out the Premier, Nigel Satterley, Dale Alcock, Justin Langer and our very own Paul Murray.

Ship wrecks train bridge

General cargo ship A.A.L Fremantle  striking the rail bridge in Fremantle on Sunday night. A cargo ship has broken its morning and struck the train bridge in Fremantle overnight causing the closure of the structure. The Public Transport Authority says the damage is significant and will cause the closure of the bridge for at least a week. Click here for more images.

Don't panic over report

The government has mistakenly tabled a report that raises concerns over WA's water security. The Water Corporation is urging people not to panic after a report found there's a high risk to water supplies in both Perth and regional WA due to budget cuts. Gary Adshead spoke to Water Minister Mia Davies about the mix up in tabling a report the public were not meant to see.

Has Clive gone too far?

Clive Palmer has upset WA Premier Colin Barnett with his comments about China. Find out what he said here. Federal MP Clive Palmer has upset business and political figures alike with a curt and abrasive description of Australia's major trading partner China. Mr Palmer called Chinese businessmen, that he is involved in a court case against, as "Chinese mongrels".

Principal withdraws appeal

Principal withdraws appeal Former Nollamara Primary School Principal Steve Lockwood has withdrawn his appeal against the Education Department's finding he used "unreasonable force" on students. Paul Murray spoke with Director-General of the Education Department Sharyn O'Neill.

'The Nightmare' talks to 6PR

Sanchez With the 2014 Fitness Show 2014 on this weekend at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre 6PR’s Brett Bonetti spoke to one of the most popular UFC fighters of all time and future UFC hall of famer Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez.

I gave up TV for a year

Could you give up TV? A year ago Sydney man Derek Reilly made the decision for himself and his two kids to stop watching TV. Paul Murray spoke with the Fairfax blogger about the last 12 months and whether or not he'll return to the couch potato life!

Cliff Richard in sex assault investigation

Sir Cliff Richard's home has been raided by police as part of an investigation in to a sex assault. British police have spent six hours searching the apartment of pop legend Cliff Richard, over an allegation of a sex offence dating back to the 1980s. The allegation related to a boy under the age of 16. On Thursday afternoon Sir Cliff issued a statement denying the allegations.

Worry over radicals in Perth

Melbourne teenager Adam Dahman became a suicide bomber after being radicalised in Australia. Perth parents are being urged to ensure their children aren't exposed to social media sites and links that are seeking to radicalise susceptible teens to their cause. Gary Adshead spoke to Dr Anne Aly from Curtain University about the concerns of radicalisation here in Perth.

Hockey couldn't be more wrong

Treasurer Joe Hockey's now infamous 'poor people don't own cars' looks to end the hopes of changing the fuel excise. There is a saying that goes 'Lies, damned lies, and statistics' and it seems Joe Hockey has fallen fowl of its meaning after saying that Australian Bureau of Statistics show that poor people don't own cars. Gary Adshead spoke to Ben Phillips from the National Centre of Social and Economic Modelling.

From MMM-Bop to MMM-beer

Taylor (L) and Issac (R) Hanson with Peter Bell. Life is more than just one song for the Hanson family. Watch video here. Video: More than one hit wonders Issac and Taylor Hanson joined Peter Bell on Afternoons to talk about their Australian tour and what has been happening in the 17 years since the release of the 1997 hit single 'MMMBOP'. Hint...it include beer. Watch the full interview here.

'I have to keep my distance'

Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan has put alcohol advertising to task in an opinion piece for 6PR. Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan says keeping his distance from the police investigation in to his son and being a supportive farther is hard. Gary Adshead spoke tot he Commissioner during his regular fortnightly 'Law and Order Segment.

Hoon driver scars park

Carlisle reserve A 4WD has been left on its roof and the driver has fled following a hoon driving incident in Carlisle this morning that has left much of the grassed areas scared with tyre tracks. Gary Adshead spoke to a witness who described scene and the area immediately after the incident.

Former Premier's daughter arrested

Harriet Wran and her late father Neville in 2011. Photo: Lee Besford LATEST NEWS: The daughter of former NSW Premier Neville Wran has spent the night behind bars, charged over a stabbing murder last weekend. Harriet Wran, 26, was arrested late yesterday along with a 35-year-old man.

Lucky escape

a A man has had a lucky escape after surviving a horror crash in Pinjarra after a head on collision with a cement truck this morning. The 31-year-old walked away with minor injuries but his Ford Falcon Ute was unrecognisable.

Commissioner's son in court again

a Russell O'Callaghan - the son of Police Commissioner Carl O'Callaghan - has appeared in the Fremantle Magistrate's court charged with a string of assault charges including deprivation of liberty and threat to kill.

Report 'unhinged, manipulated': Commish

The ministerial car damaged by Treasurer Troy Buswell on Feb 22nd. Photo: Channel 9 The Police Commissioner has labelled the report tabled by the government committee in to the Troy Buswell investigation as 'unhinged' and says it was 'manipulated' to fit their needs. Mr O'Callaghan told Gary Adshead he had never seen a more biased report in his long career.

Remove Pipah now

David and Wendy Farnell . Child Protection advocates are calling for the child to be removed immediately. A leading child protection advocate says convicted sex offender David Farnell has lost the right to have children through surrogacy or IVF. Gary Adshead spoke to Hetty Johnston from Bravehearts who says the child in his custody should be returned to her Thai mother.

Robin Williams dead at 63

Robin Williams Comedian and actor Robin Williams has been found dead at a home in California. The 63 actor was discovered by Marin County Sheriff's department.

Move on Col

The Premier has spoken about the MH13 tragedy Alannah MacTiernan has called for the State Government to put an end to its war on GST and move their focus to battling the Abbott Government for more infrastructure funding.

Police attend Ablett, Nixon blew

AFL icon Gary Ablett senior and fallen manager Ricky Nixon have come to blows in a Melbourne laneway today. FIGHT: AFL icon Gary Ablett senior and fallen manager Ricky Nixon came to blows in a Melbourne laneway on Wednesday.

Eagles hit home run

Former baseball star joins West Coast Former San Diego Padres player Corey Adamson will join West Coast as a rookie for the 2015 AFL Season. The 22 year old played alongside Jack Darling, David Swallow and Brandon Matera in junior footy before focussing on baseball. Listen to Adam Simpson here.

Fyfe gets the all clear

No problem with Nat Fyfe according to the coach Fremantle coach Ross Lyon says Nat Fyfe is a definite starter against the Hawks despite suffering a shoulder injury against the Pies. Plus will Michael Walters come back in and how bad is Luke Mcpharlin's leg injury? Listen to Ross Lyon here.

Now that's heavy metal!

a What happens when you combine a Finnish hillbilly band that use an anvil as a percussion instrument and one of AC/DC's greatest songs? Something truly awesome...check it out for yourself!

Belt up or pay up

a WA Police have started a traffic operation targeting drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts. Sargent Simon Baxter from Police Traffic Enforcement Group spoke with Gary Adshead about the crackdown.

Deregulation won't help service

Transport minister Dean Nalder says the deregulation of the taxi industry is inevitable. Do you think it is a good idea. The Taxi Council says deregulation of the industry would create more problems than it would solve, including the possibility criminals getting behind the wheel. Steve and Basil spoke to Transport Minister Dean Nalder and Taxi Council of WA CEO Steven Gill.

77-year-old forced to move

a A 77 year old woman with only months to live has been forced to move from her aged care home. The company that owns and runs the home want her out as they look to provide more transitional beds rather than permanent beds.

Kasatchow victim's mother speaks out

Taxi driver Peter Kasatchkow jailed for sexual assault against 5 wheelchair bound women. Peter Edward Kasatchkow was today sentenced to ten years jail for sexually and indecently assaulting five wheelchair-bound women in his taxi. Mary, the mother of one Kasatchkow's victims, spoke to Paul Entwistle on Drive.

Keep freedom of speech free

a The Institute of Public Affairs has taken out a full page advertisement in The Australian urging the government to re-think its decision not to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. They believe it impacts on our rights to free speech.

Devil is in Metadata detail

Should we be worried if the man who is overseeing the data retention policy can't explain how it works? The Federal Attorney General's bungled attempt to explanation the government's controversial "data retention" plan now has even more experts worried about the policy. Gary Adshead spoke to Chris Althaus from the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association.

BP's total recall

a BP has reportedly recalled their national fleet of trucks after a tragic accident killed three people in Victoria. Michael Kaine from the Transport Workers Union spoke to Gary Adshead about how it will affect WA and the dangers of truck driving.

Video: Commuter power

Commuters at the Stirling train station pool their muscle to free a trapped commuter. Watch video here. A Perth man escaped with only a bruised ego yesterday after commuters at the Stirling train station rallied together to free him after his leg became wedged between the platform and the train. Watch the video here.

Expect more of this: Expert

Australian man Khaled Sharrouf with his young sons. A senior member of the Muslim community says we can expect to see more images like that of a seven year old holding a decapitated head unless their is a coordinated effort to tackle radicalisation of Australians.

Rail link to go underground

The state government looks set to announce the Airport rail link will now go underground. The WA government looks set to announce the Perth airport rail link will now be sunk underground with tunnelling to begin in the marginal seat of Forrestfield. Gary Adshead spoke to Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University, Peter Newman about the cost and benefit.

Ban junk food from checkouts

Should confectionary be banned from supermarket checkouts? A group of parents say yes. A group of parents have banded together in an attempt to persuade supermarkets to ban confectionary items from being displayed at the checkouts because of tantrums from children. Peter Bell spoke to Dimity Gannin from The Parent's Jury about the campaign.

Abbott's backflip

a Tim Wilson the Human Rights Commissioner isn't too pleased by the Abbott Government's decision to back down on their proposed changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Donations flood in for Gammy

a While his father's dark past has come to light, donations to help pay for baby Gammy's medical bills have come flooding in from around the world. Hands Across the Water has been inundated with offers of help him and his surrogate mother.

WA surrogacy under review

Police have made contact with the WA couple at the centre of the baby Gammy surrogacy issue. The Child Protection Minister has confirmed officers have contacted the Bunbury family at the centre of the baby Gammy surrogacy issue and WA surrogacy laws are being reviewed. Gary Adshead spoke to Helen Morton about the issues that have been raised.

Family supports Gammy's father

The immediate family of baby Gammy's father have spoken exclusively to Fairfax media. The son of baby Gammy's biological father has spoken exclusively to Fairfax Media about the surrogacy scandal and disclosure of his father's conviction on sex offences. Gary Adshead spoke to Emma Partridge who spoke exclusively to David Farnell's son on Wednesday.

Speed Camera Lottery

Is this a better way to control speeding? Pay people for good behaviour from fines raised from speeders. Would you reduce your speed if you could win some money? That is the question US inventor Kevin Richardson asked that not only won him Volkswagon's 'Fun Theory' competition but has seen his idea become a reality in Sweden. See how it works here.

It was never about revenge

Bruce and Denise Morcombe. Their book 'Where is Daniel' details their search for answers over their sons disappearance. Parents of murdered teenager, Daniel Morcombe, say the 10 years spent pursuing leads over the disappearance of their son was to answer one question 'where is Daniel?'. Gary Adshead spoke to Bruce and Denise Morcombe about the book release that details their 10 year search for answers.

Schools lose in new funding model

Nearly eighty WA high schools will lose $250,000 in funding next year according to the state opposition. The state opposition is again expressing concern at the government's new funding model. Opposition leader Mark McGowan says that under the new model released by the Barnett government Nearly eighty WA high schools will lose $250,000 in funding next year.

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