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James Hird and the Essendon Football Club have lost their case against ASADA.

James Hird and the Essendon Football Club have lost their case against ASADA.


ASADA 1, Essendon nil

James Hird and Essendon's claim against ASADA's investigation being illegal has been dismissed in the Federal Court. Essendon players now face the prospect of suspensions after the AFL club lost its court battle.

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Unionist facing bullying charges

Joe McDonald has been brought up on bullying charges by Fair Work Australia. Union heavyweight Joe McDonald will face the Federal Court for allegedly threatening workers and coerce 160 others to strike at the Perth International Airport arrivals expansion project. Gary Adshead spoke to Nigel Hadgkiss from Fair Work Australia.

Money trail tacks terror link

Money trail A Sydney based money transfer business is facing deregistration because a terror investigation showed it had links to known terrorist Khaled Sharrouf. Gary Adshead spoke to John Schmidt from the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre.

Terror Australis. Our new world

Raids today by police has driven home the reality that Australia is now a target for terrorism. But are we prepared for it? As police in Sydney and Brisbane conducted simultaneous raids in the early hours of this morning most Australians were waking to the reality that we are now a legitimate terror target. Peter Bell spoke to David Turner from Foresight Security about how prepared we are for this new world.

Police thwart terror plan

800 Police are conducting counter terrorism raids across Sydney and Brisbane today. Over 800 police are carrying out counter-terrorism raids across Sydney and Brisbane as part of coordinated strikes targeting possible terrorism threats on home soil. More than 10 arrests have been made so far.

Not happy here? Then leave

Dr Jamal Rifi, community leader who is encouraging unhappy Islamic radicals to just leave Australia. A prominent Muslim leader has offered to buy a one way ticket out of this Australia for any Islamic radical who is unhappy with the way life here. Gary Adshead spoke to Dr Jamal Rifi about the offer.

Albany ANZAC ban stands

Safety concerns over horse poo will keep representatives from the 10th Light Horse from an Albany parade. The Minister for Veteran Affairs has begrudgingly supported the ban on the 10th Light Horse brigade marching in an Albany ANZAC commemoration next month. Steve Mills spoke to Michael Reynolds about the ban and the upcoming commemorations.

Search for William intensifies

The search continues for William Tyrell was last seen on Friday. Photo: NSW Police Media Unit. More than 30 investigators are now working on the case of missing three-year-old William Tyrell, whose mysterious disappearance on the NSW mid-north coast last week has stumped police and search crews. Gary Adshead spoke to Ben Cooper from Port Macquarie News.

Terrorism raids spark protest

Members of the Sydney Muslim community protest the raids on homes during police raids on Thursday. Heightened Alert: Police say they are moving into a new phase in the fight against domestic terror threats. Extra police are being deployed across Sydney and security lifted to deal with the heightened terrorism alert.

Raising drinking age saves lives

Alcohol drinking ages are in the spotlight with one expert saying America's rise to 21 saved 20,000 lives. Raising the drinking age to 21 will save lives on the road if the US experience is anything to go by according to an advisor to the World Health Organisation. Dr David Jernagin says around 20,000 lives have been saved in the US since the increase in drinking age was introduced.

The breakdown and rebuild

Ross Lyon says his squad is positioned well for the future but a key forward and key back are on the radar. Frawley is only an option, Ibbotson is essential and there will be no aggressive cull of the squad that went down in straight sets in this years finals according to Fremantle coach Ross Lyon. A philosophical Dockers coach joined Karl and Brad for an honest appraisal of the team.

Deadly weekend for motorcyclists

Four deaths on WA roads has officials worried over a lapse in motorcyclists attention in fine weather. A horror weekend on Perth roads for motorcyclists has seen 4 people die and another two hospitalised with critical injuries. Gary Adshead spoke to Acting Assistant Commissioner Alf Fordham who issued a warning for drivers and riders to drive safely even in fine weather.

SAS headed to Middle East

Prime Minister confirms Australia will commit forces to the Middle East including SAS troops. SAS: Australian special forces will act as military advisers to Iraqi soldiers fighting ISIS, as part of an international effort to combat the extremists. About 600 Australian troops go to the Middle East. Listen Here...

Aussie mozzie found overseas

A little Aussie mozzie has caused a stir by showing up in Los Angeles. But it hasn't gone there for the sun. Australians love to travel so why would our fauna be any different? University of Sydney researchers have helped identify an Australian mosquito that has found its way to LA. Dr Cameron Webb from the University spoke with Steve and Basil.

Third ISIS beheading

British aid worker David Haines ahs become the third person to be executed by terrorist group ISIL. David Haines, a British aid worker who was captured days after he arrived in Syria last year, is the third western hostage to be beheaded by the Islamic State (ISIS). Rod Tiley spoke to Professor Greg Barton, Director of the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University.

Is this bad parenting?

Research shows parents are happily buying booze for their kids. Is buying alcohol for your children bad parenting? Medical experts are alarmed by the number of parents buying alcohol for their children after new research showed parents were supplying alcohol for events like leavers celebrations. Steve and Basil spoke to parenting expert Maggie Dent about the practice.

Rogue sharks and unicorns

Mr Barnett says he will focus on rogue sharks. But his own website rates the reality of them up there with unicorns. After the death of his drum line policy the Premier has changed tact on dealing with sharks and is now seeking greater powers to respond to “rogue sharks” swimming close to WA beaches. The only problem now is that the governments own website sinks his new strategy.

Norman joins DIY disaster group

Greg Norman isn't Robinson Crusoe when it comes to accidents from weekend gardening. As a gardener Greg Norman makes a great golfer. Ok so he was always a great golfer but after a weekend accident with a chainsaw Norman may want to stick to what he knows. Peter Bell spoke to Emergency Physician Dr Dave Mountain about ambitious weekend warriors.

EPA recommends against drum lines

EPA have recommended against the drum lines Following rigorous examination of the proposal, Chairman Dr Paul Vogel said there remains a high degree of scientific uncertainty about impacts on the viability of the south-western white shark population. Paul Murray spoke with Mr Vogel on Drive.

Medicinal marijuana gets church's blessing

Medical marijuana has received the blessing of The Uniting Church as pressure mounts for legislative change. The introduction of medical marijuana has received support from what some would refer to as an unlikely group with the Uniting Church saying they back the introduction of the modified form of the drug. Gary Adshead spoke to Rosemary Hudson-Miller from the Uniting Church.

This war needs definition

The Greens have warned of another war without definition will lead to another protracted conflict. The Prime Minister is being pressured to debate the commitment Australia will give to the war against terrorist organisation ISIL. Greens Senator for WA Scott Ludlam says the PM's reservation to put time limits or goals to the commitment of forces is worrying.

Richard 'Jaws' Kiel dead at 74

Actor Richard Kiel has passed away at the age of 74. Kiel shot to fame as the James Bond villain, Jaws. Richard Kiel, who became famous for portraying the James Bond villain, Jaws ... died Wednesday afternoon at the age of 74 . Kiel starred in dozens of movies over the span of 50 years.

Suspected Aussie Ebola case

A Queensland man is being treated for a suspected case of Ebola. Picture courtesy Channel 7. A Queensland man has been taken to hospital by paramedics with a suspected case of ebola. The 25-year-old contacted paramedics on Thursday complaining of feeling unwell after returning from the Congo two days ago. He has been seriously ill since.

US President addresses ISIL

President Barack Obama on Wednesday outlined a U.S.-led coalition’s plans to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State. President Barack Obama has outlined a U.S.-led coalition’s plans to “degrade and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant through airstrikes and support for Syria’s opposition. Listen to his address here.

Future of Football Forum

Football forum 6PR's special Sports Today forum on the future of football has been praised by the AFL as innovative and essential for the long term health of the nation's game. Click here to listen to the podcast of the event and read results from the survey you helped create.

Zero attacks unobtainable

Reducing shark attacks for ocean goers to zero is unobtainable according to shark experts. Do you agree? The key scientist behind the CSIRO report that sunk the Barnett government's shark mitigation policy says the idea of any program to reduce shark attacks to zero is unobtainable. Gary Adshead spoke to CSIRO Senior Research Scientist Barry Bruce.

An ode to big Cox

6pr's resident poet and wordsmith has penned a tribute to the retiring Dean Cox. Listen here. With the dark reality of a Cox-less Eagles setting in resident poet and master of words Mick Collis has penned a tribute to the man who became known simply as Coxy. Click here to listen to Mick's ode to Cox.

It's here! Iphone 6 and more

Apple launch their new range, including a smart watch...but don't call it an iWatch. iPhone Launch: Apple has unveiled its first smartwatch and two large-screen versions of the iPhone - the '6' and '6 plus'. Steve & Basil also reveal a new mobile wallet that will allow consumers to make payments.

Your say: The AFL is sick

Football forum AFL survey results Football fans from across the nation have voiced their opinions on the major issues facing the game they love and what they are saying is the game is sick.

Fans denied as Scalpers swoop

Dockers fans are angry that tickets that sold out in minutes are now available online at inflated prices. Tickets for this weekend's semi final between Fremantle and Port Adelaide with previously sold out tickets appearing on ticketing websites for well above the original price. Gary Adshead spoke to Alex Levenson from website sale site Viagogo.

'Herd it' don't 'hurt it'

A massive shark spotted off Byron Bay. A local man died after he was attacked this week. Following a fatal shark attack on the east coast on Tuesday authorities mobilised to herd the suspected Great White responsible for the attack out to sea. Gary Adshead spoke to Neil Cameron from the Byron Bay Board Riders about the no kill policy they have in NSW.

Is this sticker offensive?

die for syria A Perth woman been upset by a sticker on the back of a car that says 'DIE FOR SYRIA." and wants to know if there is anything that can be done to remove this and other stickers that promote the war given the increased terror threat Australia faces from people returning form the Syrian conflict.

Fyfe topples Ablett for MVP

No hope of a Brownlow this year but his peers have given Nat Fyfe the MVP stamp of approval. He may ineligible for the Brownlow Medal but it hasn't stopped Fremantle midfielder Nat Fyfe from becoming the most valuable player in the AFL according to his peers. Fyfe picked up the Players Association's MVP award last night ahead of Gary Ablett and Buddy Franklin.

Forrest review revealed

ANDREW FORREST AND ALAN TUDGE Mining billionaire Andrew Forrest says business should be given tax-free status and parents would lose family payments if their children wagged school as part of review in to welfare for Indigenous people. Steve and Basil spoke to Mr Forrest today about his review.

Time up for Hird, Buckley and Malthouse

Football forum With only today left to be part of the 6PR Future of Football survey there are a few clear trends emerging. Click here to see what they are and to take part in the survey. You can also register your interest to be part of the audience for the 6PR Footy Forum on Wednesday.

Delay no problem: Harris

After a 10 hour delay the Femantle Dockers have finally left Perth bound for Sydney and a qualifying final with the Swans. The Fremantle Dockers say that the delay in flying to Sydney for their qualifying final against the Swans will not have an impact on their performance. Fremantle President Steve Harris told Gary Adshead one of the reasons they fly two days early is to account for something going wrong.

Spiderdog terrorises Poland

Is it a spider? Is it a dog? It doesn't matter. Most people didn't hang around to ask once they saw it heading their way. Serial prankster SA Wardega has created one of the greatest pranks in recent history by dressing up a faithful pet as a spider and unleashing it on an unsuspecting public. It is the brainchild of Sylwester Wardega has been terrorising the general populace of Poland for years.

Pamela unleashes Latin passion

pam Pamela Stephenson-Connolly has added musical/dance producer to her already extensive portfolio as she prepares to launch her Latin dance extravaganza Brazouka on Australian audiences. Steve and Basil spoke to Pamela about the show.

Buswell brilliant at hiding his illness

Buswell has quit politics. Troy Buswell yesterday announced he is quitting politics. Paul Murray spoke with Tim Marney, Mental Health Commissioner, who formerly worked with Buswell as the under-Treasurer, about Buswell's mental health struggles.

Labor warns of HECS trap

Labor says Education minister Christopher Pyne's proposed changes to HECS will increase student debt. Federal member for Perth, Alannah MacTienan, is warning of a HECS debt trap for future and past university students hidden in changes proposed by the Abbott government in the way interest is charged to the debt.

Buswell quits

The controversial political career of Troy Buswell is over. Mr. Buswell handed his resignation to the speaker of Parliament. The controversial political career of Troy Buswell is over. In an interview with The West Australian's Gareth Parker, he confirmed he's quit as an MP. Mr. Buswell handed his resignation to the speaker of Parliament.

A deadly message to Obama

Sotloff Another American journalist has been beheaded with the ISIS killer sending a chilling message to Obama. Paul Murray spoke with US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney's Tom Switzer about the next step for Washington.

Living together, apart

More couples are choosing to live in monogamous relationships but never in the same dwelling. Some couples are redefining the meaning of what it is to be in a long term committed relationship with the more and more Australians choosing never to live in the same dwelling together. Peter Bell spoke to Professor Sasha Roseneil from UWA about the growth of Living Together, Apart.

Heyyyy! It's the Fonzie Fetus

Too cool for school, or even a nursery yet. This ultrasound of an unborn baby has sent the internet in to meltdown. A baby is already a viral sensation and hasn't even born yet. And It's all because of a gesture in an ultrasound photo. The fetus was captured flashing what looks like the thumbs-up sign in an ultrasound picture taken last week.

The Golden Gate Guardian

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge has the grizzly reputation as a popular suicide spot. US police officer Kevin Briggs became known as the 'Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge' after spending his career as a 'beat' cop patrolling the southern end of the iconic Bridge preventing people committing suicide. Gary Adshead spoke to Mr Briggs.

Breast flash investigated

bouncer Event organisers are looking in to a complaint raised by a man after a security guard allegedly forced a young concert goer to expose her breast to gain re entry in to a 'Amity Affliction' music festival on Sunday night. Steve and Basil spoke to Bart Primrose who witnessed the alleged incident.

McGowan backs medical marijuana

A state Labor government would move to introduce legislation to allow medical marijuana use. The state opposition has vowed to remove the impediments to medical marijuana use by seriously and terminally ill patients if they are elected in to power. Gary Adshead spoke to Opposition leader Mark McGowan about the push to bring medical marijuana to the market.

MC's offensive rant at school quiz night

Bizarre rants at North Cott P&C quiz night At a quiz night held by North Cottesloe Primary School's P&C on Friday, the MC is said to have made offensive comments, attacking minority groups. Paul Murray spoke to Celia Patrick, the President of the P&C committee.

Scared to leave her home

Fears over proximity to sex offender A neighbour of Patrick Comeagain has come forward voicing her distress over living in the same block of units as the convicted sex offender. Paul Murray spoke with Lucy (not her real name) about her concerns.

It will be long and bloody

An Iraqi militia fighter fires a mortar during heavy clashes in Tuz Khurmatu in Salaheddin province. A former Australian army officer and Middle East expert has warned that the conflict in Iraq between armed forces and ISIS rebels will be a long and bloody conflict. Gary Adshead spoke the Lowry institute's Roger Shanahan who backed the supply of arms to Iraqi forces.

'Criminal hypocrisy'

Parents of sick children are growing desperate as the semantics of medical marijuana versus opium are debated. A cannabis oil producer has lashed out at the state government's decision to support farmers who want to grow opium while baulking at legalising the use of the oil. Gary Adshead spoke to Dr. Andrew Katelaris about the state government's position.

Premier Colin Barnett

Premier Colin Barnett West Australian Premier Colin Barnett joined Paul Murray in studio on Drive to discuss Government asset sales.

Unprepared for eCigs phenomenon

The e-cigarette debate The Australian Government and health regulators have been caught unprepared for the phenomenon that is the e-cigarette says one vendor. Paul Murray spoke with Mark Kagan, the Australian director of Logic Ecigs.

Cubby house kerfuffle

cubby A Mosman Park family is battling to save their children's tree house from destruction after a complaint from their neighbor. The Town of Mosman Park are deciding if it should stay or go next Tuesday.

PM hospital visit to justify bill claim?

MP's say the PM has admitted he only visited a cancer hospital so he could bill taxpayers for a Liberal party fundraiser. Gary Adshead spoke with Latika Bourke, who writes in the SMH that Prime Minister Tony Abbott told government MPs he had to schedule an early morning visit to a cancer research centre in Melbourne on Tuesday so that he could justify billing taxpayers to be in the city for a "private function" the night before.

State debt $29 billion by 2018

WA's credit rating has slumped from AAA to AA1 and debt is expected to hit $29 billion by 2018. WA has lost its prized AAA credit rating for the first time since 1996 and has been warned of spiraling debt unless the government strengthens its "fiscal resolve". What does that mean to the WA householder? Steve and Basil spoke to economist Saul Estlake about the drop to a AA1 rating.

Qantas hit turbulence

Qantas to axe 1750 jobs Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has announced an astonishing net loss of $2.88 billion. Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas spoke with Gary Adshead about the future of the airline and how this announcement will affect the company in the short term.

WA farmers enter milk war

WA dairy farmers will produce a branded milk for local buyers. Will you buy this milk if it costs a little more? The states dairy farmers have banded together to produce a WA branded milk so that consumers will be able to support the local product and local businesses.Gary Adshead spoke to WA Farmers Federation president Dale Parks.

Clive says Sorry

Clive Palmer has apologised for calling Chinese people mongrels. Read his apology here. Clive Palmer has apologised to the Chinese ambassador for his televised tirade against the country last week. Read the apology letter here. More to come.

Video: Premier tips the bucket

Watch the Premier take a splash for cash raising money for Motor Neuron Disease research. VIDEO He has his detractors but you can't fault the Premier when it comes to a good cause. Responding to the call out from 6PR's Karl Langdon Mr Barnett fronted for his turn under the ice bucket to raise money and awareness for motor neuron disease.

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