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Wildcats in no rush for Martin replacement

The Perth Wildcats will search for a Damian Martin injury replacement player but back in what they have in the interim, according to coach Trevor Gleeson. 

Martin injured his medial collateral ligament in Saturday night’s win in what was his return match from a broken jaw. 

While the injury doesn’t require surgery, Martin is expected to be out for 10-12 weeks while the ligament repairs. 

Gleeson said on 6PR Sports Today Jaron Johnson and Casey Prather may have to play some point guard as they try to wallpaper over their cracks. 

‘We’ll certainly put the antennas out in Australia and all over the place and see how we go,’ Gleeson said. 

‘We certainly won’t be in a rush to do anything. We’re going to back the guys we’ve got and go from there.

‘We’re going to have to do some adjustments as a coaching staff when we haven’t got that defensive presence and leadership that Damo shows.’