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Who Would Win? Eagle v Hawk

On Afternoons Peter Bell asked the question everyone has been asking all week: who would win in a fight, an eagle or a hawk? 

Peter Bell spoke to the editor of Birdlife Australia, Sean Dooley, who says, hawks are ‘small but pretty muscular units’ while the eagles ‘they soar above everything else and swoop down on their prey.’

‘It’s amazing how well these two things fit the teams. You’ve got your Nic Nats and Josh Kennedys and Jack Darlings soaring above your pack and then you’ve got your Cyril Riolis and Paul Puopolos darting about the pack,’ Mr Dooley said.   

The hawks will ‘take anything on to defend their territory and I’ve seen them have a crack at a Wedgey (wedge tailed eagle) as it flies over, so they’re pretty fearless.’

But he added that ‘wedge-tailed eagles have been known to take hawks and eat them.’ 

Listen to the full interview here…