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This rating system says diet cola is healthier than a glass of orange juice

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Australian fruit growers are angry after a proposal to change the Health Star Rating (HSR) system which would see fresh Australian fruit juice be labeled two stars out of five. The real kicker is that a diet cola is rated three and a half stars on the same rating.

Government Ministers will meet at the Australia and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation next week to vote on whether they agree to the change.

Under the proposed change, fresh 100% Australian apple juice would be labelled with 2 stars, while 100% Australian orange juice would receive 2 ½ Stars.

The CEO of Citrus Australia joined Oliver Peterson this afternoon to discuss the potential ratings.

“Not an ounce of sense is being made by this HSR,” he said. “It’s a complete debacle and we need our government to make a captains call and get it right.”

At the last Forum on Food Regulation meeting in July the Federal, South Australian and NSW governments supported a four star rating whilst Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, the ACT, NT, Western Australia and New Zealand opposed it.

Citrus Australia, the National Farmers Federation, AusVeg, Apple and Pear Australia, the NFF Hort Council, Passionfruit Australia, Mangoes Australia and Summerfruit Australia are all calling on State and Federal Government Forum representatives to support an automatic 4 Star rating in recognition of the nutritional benefits of fresh juice.