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Shooters Union apologises for death and rape threats leveled at photographer’s children

The Shooters Union WA has apologised to the photographer who released photos of Glenn McGrath’s hunting trip for death threats directed toward him and his children.

Christopher Rimmer posted photos last week of McGrath on a hunting trip in Africa from 2008 posing with a rifle in front several dead animals, including an elephant.

The former Australian fast bowler issued an apology for the photos explaining that he was going through a ‘dark time’ in his life, a reference to his late wife’s battle with breast cancer.

Pro shooting advocates however have taken to social media and online forums to defend McGrath’s actions and attack Mr Rimmer for releasing the images.

Shooters Union WA secretary Paul Peak said that while they invited people to comment ‘both for and against’ the publishing of the images some comments were totally unacceptable.

‘It was certainly no call to arms. We do not in any way shape or form advocate people being intimidated or threatened’ Mr Peak told 6PR.

The threats that appeared on the Shooters Union WA website included many threatening to physically harm the accomplished wildlife photographer with one from a man who posted a photo of Mr Rimmer’s daughter and threats to rape and kill her.

The comments and links, which were attached to a podcast from a pro-shooting podcast, have since been deleted.

Mr Peak said he had personally apologised to Mr Rimmer for the posting of the comments and promised more will be done to scrutinise comments in the future.

Paul Peak from the Shooters Union speaks to Adam Shand