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Postcard arrives 44 years late

A Perth lady has only just received a postcard from Rome that she originally posted to her dad… 44 years years ago.

Chrissy Beales was on a international holiday in 1976 when she bought a postcard at Vatican City and sent it off to her dad back in Perth.

Ms Beales arrived back home before her postcard and they simply declared the note missing.

But only 10-days ago she had a surprising reunion.

Ms Beales read out what she had written on the postcard:

This card is being sent from the Vatican City. 
It is really incredible. 
Caught the ferry from Greece to Italy two days ago; it’s really green here. 
The way things are going we will have to be in the US a little bit earlier; about early July, not August. 
Things, especially petrol, are ridiculous price. We should be in London in four weeks. 
Love, Greg and Chris.

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