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“You are filthy animals”

Weekend Catch-up presenter Mark Gibson is dealing with a nightmare after a couple moved into his Airbnb apartment and set up what looked to be a drug dealing operation in less than a week.

After not responding to messages when it was time for them to vacate, Mark went to the apartment and found drugs including meth and cannabis, drug paraphernalia, chemicals like bleach, even weapons and the place was trashed. Security camera vision outside the building shows other activities the pair were conducting while staying there.

Police have since confiscated items of interest. Mark is now left with the clean up bill.

An Airbnb spokesperson as provided the following statement:

“We unequivocally condemn this behaviour and are absolutely committed to both supporting the host and assisting the Western Australia Police Force with their investigations. The alleged wrongdoers have been removed from our platform.

“While negative incidents are extremely rare, Airbnb has zero tolerance for illegal activity. We enforce strict policies that may result in removal from our platform where violations occur. On the rare occasion that incidents do occur, we stand ready to support hosts through our Host Guarantee.”


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