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Wind on Mars… Then Politics


In this US Report Kirk Clyatt looks at:


* Instead of talking about all of the hot air from Washington, how about amazing sound from NASA … the sound of the wind on Mars.


* The seemingly endless funeral for President #41 has at last come to an end.


You know things are a mess in the USA when the feel good event of the week is a funeral … very impressed with Brian Mulroney former Canadian PM and the story of CAVU.


* Some very interesting comments from Trump first Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson about Donald … and Trump fired back.


* The ‘sentencing reports’ from Mueller’s team … judging by his tweets, Trump may not be fully away of what is happening?


* The CIA director briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee about who was involved with the killing Jamal Khashoggi … unlike Trump, even one of his strongest supporters has no doubt who was behind the murder


* Remember the movie from 1989 ‘Christmas Vacation’ where Clark Griswold is trying to hang Christmas lights and slips off a ladder and is hanging from the roof? Trying to win a decorating contest a Texas home recreated the scene and as you’ll hear … to one man it looked all too real.


* Meanwhile in Florida a man spent hours holding a large sign and yelling at families going to see Santa … that Santa isn’t real… and there was nothing police could do about it.

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