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We will cruise again: Life aboard the Vasco Da Gama

Vasco Da Gama cruise ship passenger Faye Sibon says communication between the State Government and her fellow passengers has been disappointing.

Mrs Sibon, who is bound for a fortnight’s quarantine on Rottnest Island, says despite being unsure what their immediate future holds, she has felt safe and reassured by the cruise company.

But not by the State Government.

“(Communication) has been non-existent… the captain is hearing things on the TV just as we have. Mark McGowan hasn’t been in touch with the captain as far as we can understand,” she said.

Despite their experiences, Mrs Sibon says she and her husband would not hesitate to cruise again in the future.

About 200 passengers on-board the Vasco Da Gama from WA will go into isolation on Rottnest Island for 14 days from Sunday, while about 600 other Australians will go to either Rottnest or another hotel to quarantine for two weeks, then return home for another isolation period.

All Vasco da Gama passengers and crew have been reported to be in good health.

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