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Tweets, Tweets and even more tweets, whats going on?

In this US Report Kirk Clyatt looks at:


* And what a funeral it was … Aretha even had wardrobe changes for different viewings … and of course as with everything in the USA … a mention of Trump is a part of it.


* And then of course there is the multi-day funeral of John McCain … amazingly his mother, Roberta, is still alive at 106.



* Of course Trump NOT invited to the funeral, or even to the viewing in the capital … so he was hanging with his fan base in Indiana at another rally.


* Meanwhile according to at least one respected poll Trump’s numbers at a new low.


* New book is out about Mike Pence … seems he believes that God wants him to be the ‘President-In- Waiting’.


* So who leaked Trump’s off the record comments about trade negotiations with Canada … could it have been the White House … mmm?


* Australia’s immigration policies are making a bit of a USA news blip because Chelsea Manning will not be able to appear live in Sydney.


* Hundreds of kids separated from their parents at the border have still not been reunited with their parents … including the 5 year old daughter of a women who is being held by ICE detention here in Southern Nevada.

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