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Top 5 media stories of 2018

Director of Media Stable Nic Hayes joined Tony McManus to discuss some of the big ticket items to happen this year that have caught our attention. It’s not necessarily the most reported but it has been very high on our agenda and something that has got us talking. In no particular order here are 5 of the topics that got the nation talking.


  • Cricket Australia – ball tampering, cultural issues, poor performances
  • Strawberry – #SmashaStrawb the campaign that worked a treat
  • The Government – Liberal Party – self implosion – Turnbull out, ScoMo in and Shorten shortens in the odds to be the next PM.
  • GST – the distribution – Fixed. WOW!
  • Royal Commission into the Banking Industry – oh man that messed that up! – About to jump into the Aged Care Commission next year.

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