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The bizarre pet shortage facing Perth

6PR Breakfast received a tip to say there is a guinea pig shortage facing Perth, the boys put their detective hats on to follow this lead.

One listener was hoping to find a companion to pass the time while social distancing measures are in place, however could not find a guinea pig in Perth.

Narrogin guinea pig breeder Ken Hart told Basil and Millsy the adorable pets were in high demand but travel restrictions meant he couldn’t deliver any to Perth.

“We are getting lots of inquiries, so I am gathering there is a shortage,” he said

“We are breeding plenty, but we can’t get to Perth to get them to people.”

Mr Hart has been breeding guinea pigs for 50 years.

“I started doing when I was just a kid and I never grew up,” he said.

“They are really easy to manage and their by-product is great for the garden.”


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